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the carolinas, all the way up to maine as remnants of tropical storm nicole dump torrential rain on the east coast. tric suicide, a college freshman takes his own life after a secret encounter of him in his dorm room is posted on the internet. at student's roommate and another student were behind the tape. sad passing,ctor tony curtis has died. we look at his life today september 30th, 2010 welcome today on this thursday morning. i'm meredith vieira. >> i'm matt lauer. we have a wedding today on the plaza and it is raining cats and
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dogs as in many places up and down the east coast. you know what they say? >> good luck. >> they will have lots of luck. >> not so lucky for a lot of people to our south. a state of emergency has been declar in parts of north carolina where some areas have received well over a foot of rain this week. we'll go there live and get to al's forecast straight ahead. some major recalls to tell you about this morning, especially for parents. they involve millions of popular fisher-price toys and high chairs and a warning for parents of newborns who use popular sleep positioners. federal officials say you should stop using them immediately. details on all of this in a few minutes. plus, there are plenty of hot spots in las vegas. this is ridiculous. the facade of a new hotel is creating what some are calling a death ray tha is hot enough to melt plastic. one pers at the pool said he had his hair cinched from the heat. more on that in a moment. >> let us begin with tore ren
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sal rainsnd threat of flooding on the east coast. weather channel jim cantore is on the east coast. good morning. >>eporte good morning. if i said we set three and four and five day rainfall records, that probably doesn't mean much but when i put the numbers on it, we had 20 inches of rain in the last four days. here comes the rain again. we had enough of break this morning the waterseceded a little on this road. you can see the water line. it came up another two feet when we got the period of heavy rain. that's what we're worried about. when these periods of heavy rain come in, will they produced flooding. schools are closed and eve though this is the remnant of nicole, it is worse here than yesterday in south florida. winds gusting at 50 milesn hour or so wl absolutely have potential to take down trees and power lines, especially giving the saturated soil.
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this situation will not end t next 12 hours and all of it through the district and up north as you well know. we'll keep you posted when it gets bad and will get worse up north. >> jim cantore, for the weather channel. thank you very much. >> al is outside. go ahead. >> good morning. we have a tent for jeremy and melissa's wedding because the rain will keep coming down. we have remnants of nicole. ex-nicole but a secondary low pressure system has developed in north carolina. we have aornado watch from the carolinaso washington d.c. until 1:00 this afternoon, with all this moisture streaming up here. we also have the risk of strong storms from cape hatteras all the way to new york city in long island, possibility of tornados developing during this system. here's what we're expecting. we have flood watches and warnings. you can see all the heavy rains making its way up the coast during the afternoon to early tomorrow morning.
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this rain lasts into new england until tomorrow morning. good news is the weekend looks pretty good. flash flood watches today into tonight and have flash flood watches as well why? rainfall amount, anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain. inland around washington d.c., parts of eastern pennsylvania and on in to central new york, 5 to 7 inches of rain over the next 48 hours. flooding is a big problem over the next 48 hours from the carolinas here to new york. matt. >> i'll take it, al. thank you very much. the rest of al's forecast in just a moment. now, heightened security at some of the most historic landmarks after officials in europe find credible terror plots. how concerned should we be in the u.s. and roger worked for both the bush and clinton administrations. what are sources telling you about this terror plot andhy
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now? >> this is a real plot that dates back to the summer. the good news is u.s. and western european counter officials have been on top of it since then. it is a significant attempt by al qaeda. that's the important point to look at targets in western europe, germany, france, the middle east, potentially denmark and uk. there are conflicting reports about what type of method they're considering but bottom line, this is a threat taken very seriously. >> one rept i rd is it would be shooting sprees in britney and germany and france. >> right. the way the attacks happened in 2008, where a handful of individuals with ac 47s and hand grenades killed many people and many thought why hasn't that happened in the west yet? that's one potential. there's one individual providing information that pois to that type of method but not conclusive and not the only stream of threat reporting we're following now. >> that individual that the german who was arrested i
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afghanistan and trained in pakistan? >> that's right. >> sadiki is providing a lot of information. some conrn is that he might be seeking to influence as well as inform. ttom line, tre are multiple streams of threat reporting pointing towards a potential threat in europe and sadiki is providing one threat of reporting officials are looking at. >> u also mentioned al qaeda. and osama bin laden, do we now how significant he may have been? >> he blesses them and provides strategic guidance, not involved in day-tday activity. if it is an al qaeda central plot, it tells us al qaeda still aspires to attack the west and didn't know i they had the capability. if this is real, they are in control of capability to do so. >> how concerned should we be they may come after us here in
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this country? >> i don't think this plot is related to the united states. right now, u.s. counter-terrorisofficials think it's focused on europe but out of caution looking at any report that may ter pain to tpe united states. bottom line, this is european focused now. >> should americans be concerned about going abroad? >> not at all. we should travel. >> i want to talk about the bombing in time square that occurred may 1st. prosecutors just released a video showing what that bomb could have done if it went off and looking at reports what faisal shahzad told authorities. what are they hearing? >> what's gnificant, faisal is going to do additional bombs and go into the city and continue to conduct attacks until he was caught or killed. that is news. the video demonstrates if shahzad had been a little more talentednd smarter, he could
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have successfully detonated that bomb and killed dozens and this was a big plot a he was a significant operative. >> thank you very much. >> amy is here while ann i on assignment. >>ood morning. we begin with federal officials trying find out what caused a highway horror yesterday in bethesda, maryland. aus carrying sightseeing passengers plunged and the driver was killed and at least 12 passengersere hurt. rising tensions between the u.s. and pakistan. this morning, pakistan said a nato helicopter attacked a security post near the afghan border killing pakistani troops and they then blocked a vital route for supplies for u.s. and natotroops. congress members go home after not voting onhe bush tax
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cuts. president obama addressed voters in virginia that said he had no idea how to reduce the nation's deficit. and pilot jack conroyd called the landing the most significant thing that happened to him in 32 yrs of flying. he praised his crew saying he was no hero, adding, he was just doing his job. hollywood legend tony curtis died last night of cardiac arrest at his home in nevada. in a career that spanned 59 years and was in "some like it hot" and the father of jamie curtis, he was 85. back to matt and vieira, certainly a huge loss. >> and jamie lee is a big friend of ours. our condolences go out to her and her ent in 2008 when he wrote that book about his time in hollywood. when he got there to hollywood,
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he was brad pitt and george clooney all rolled into one. >> that's right. >> great storyteller. >> what a life. >> had quite a life. >> yes, he did. >> amy mentioned that some like it hot movie where he got focus marilyn monroe and reporters asked him aftethe scene, what was it like to kiss marilyn monroe? he thought it was a d
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i'm meteorologistom kierein. we've got pockets of heavy rain cominghrough over the past four hours, producing flooding over the district of maryland and virginia. you see the areas where it's raining hardest right now. getting moderate rain in prince georges and montgomery and fairfax counties. this i going to continue from time to timehroughout the rest of the day with perhaps an isolated storm producing a funnel cloud. we have a toirnd watch until 00. the rain should taper off and end tonight. a dry weekend to follow. that's your latest weather. matt. >> thank you very much. to politics and two controversial tea party candidates making waves ir there in a respective states. nbc kelly o'donnell is in washingtonith this. good morning to yo >> reporter: good morning, matt. politics often gets personal and confrontational. it's unusual to seeajor candidate pile over like this. new york's replican candidate
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for governor, carl paladino lost it with a reporter after paladino accused democrat andrew cuomo of cheating on h ex-wife. >> stay away from me. what evidence do you have? >> reporter: about to deliver a speech in upstate new york. >> guy, easy. >> don't touch me. >> reporter: a heated exchange erupted between tea party republican carl paladino and "new york post" reporter, fred dier. paladino had just given an interview to "politico" where he said, has anyone asked andrew cuomo about his paramours or why his wife left him or threw him out of the house. >> do you have any evidence for the charge you made? a simple question. >> of course i do, you will get it at the appropriate time. you're not entitled to it. >> reporter: a business man who has never run for office, paladino has been under intense scrutiny. >> this will be one hell of a year.
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>> reporter: he told nbc news he is an angry candidate. >> i am angry. it's okay. all right to show people you're angry. >> reporter: married 40 years, paladino has acknowledged publicly his own extramarital affair that produced a daughter now 10. he appeared furious that the "new york post" d visited the child's home. >> you send another reporter to my daughter's house and i'll take you out, buddy. >> y will take me out? how will you do that? >> watch. >> reporter: paladino and his campaign manager accus the reporter of bias. >> you're working for cuomo. >> reporter: cuomo was divorced from robert f. kennedy's daughter, carey, sporting his run for governor. he had no comment o the accusations of infidelity and blamed it on cuomo. >> he sentis bird dogs out to make accusation is an intelligence me. that's okay? he sent his bird dogs. i don't send bird dogs to do my dirty work. >> reporter: from all that
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venting to off-camera exchange. delaware tea party candidate christine o'donnell denied new accusations she misrepresented her education, calling that categorically untrue. a networking profile with her photo listed the university of oxford and clairmont graduate university. o'donnell did not attend either school. she claims that profile was faked. she says she completed a summer program run by the phoenix institute at the oxford university locion and attended the clairemonth institute, not a university. o'donnell says she never created a linked in profile. linked in took that down but did not comment whether it was fake or not. issues about her education came up in the first place because she attended college years ago, only received her bachelor's degree a few weeks ago after finishing up some last minute requirements. >> kelly o'donnell from washington, thank you very much.
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7:15. here's meredith. >> thank you. a warning to parents. there are a number of recalls including popular children's toys and high chairs and sleeping aids. tom is at the consumer produs safety commission. >> good morning. the consumer products safety commission an canada are announcing these recalls, a lot of fisher-price brand name items here. we begin with 7 million fisher-price trikes and tough trikes sold in the u.s. and canada. the trikes he a protruding plastic key known to cause injury to children's genitals. they are intended for childn between the ages of 2nd 5, sold from january of '97 through september 2010. if you have one, fisher-price will replace that key. also replacing mor than a million healthy care, easy clean and close to me high chairs. there are pegs on the back of e legs meant for storage and reports of at least 14 children
7:16 am
being injured after falling on or against those pegs. fisher-pce recalling more than 3 million infant toy sold under a number of names, baby play zone, gymnastics, ocean wonders, a choking hazard there and 120,000 little people wheelies because they can come off and cause a choking hazard. fisher-price this morning said it wants to assure its customers its products are overwhelmingly safe. we talked to the consumer products commission chairman. >> we have now some of the strongest toy standards we ever had before. we want to give the consumers confidence we are looking at these toys to insure they're safe for their children. this recall today just happens to be four fisher-price toys with over 1 million toys being recalled. >> there's one more recall to tell you about, coming from the consumer products safety commission and fda. these sleep positioners have
7:17 am
become very popular and some manufacturers claim they can help allevia the risk of the child dying of sids. the fda says no evidence of that and some children have suffocated and the warning is not to use sleep positioners at all. >> massive recall. thanks. the washington state woman admitted to putting aci on her own face appeared in court the first time wednesday. peter alexander is in vancouver in washington with the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. you likely remember this story. bethany storr in that emotional news conference claiming a woman threw acid on her face. later, police tell us she admitted it was all a lie. now, for the first time, we are seeing her without those bandagesthis time standing before a judge. inside this courtroom, bethany storro's severe in stricted
7:18 am
burns were finally revealed. a face deep red and scarred with only a small bandage on her nose. in her first court appearance, storro pleaded not guilty to three felony theft charges. last month after lying to the public and police claiming an african-american woman approached her on the street and flew acid on herp fac face, she flooded by the community and raised $20,000 to help her. she spent $15,000 ofhe money. >> part of the money was spent on meals, red robin train tickets up to seattle. >> i want people to know wha this person did to me and the trauma is caused me. >> reporter: just two weeks after this emotional news conference, police say storro admitted the whole story was a hoax, confessing s repeatedly dabbed her own face with drain cleaner. court papers reveal doctors and detectivesere skeptical of storro's story from the start. her burn marks were even as if
7:19 am
the acid had been applied, not thrown, there were no splash marks on her body and her clothes and no physical evidence at the scene. her parents apologized for her action andade this promise. >> we will lean on our faith and family and friends and community to get our daughter the medical attention she needs and counseling she deserves. >> reporter: after wednesday's hearing, storro was booked into jail and immediately releed, e judge ordering her to follow the rules ofhis psychiatric treatment center where storro agreed totay until her trial is set to begin in december. whdid she do it? storro told detective she wanted to die or at least have a completely different face. >> destroying your face is destroying essentially your identity. now, i look as hurt and damaged on the outside as i feel on the inside. >> reporter: prosecutors say the co-owner of a local fitness center is one of storro's
7:20 am
alleged victims who raised and donated hundreds of dollars to help her. >> i think she just needs help >> reporter: initially storro showed strength amist adversity. >> in time, i'm going to forgive her. >> reporter: now, some of her alleged victims may forgive her, even if the legal system does not. storro's parents say all the donated money will be returned and the bank holding the money has been frozen and say any not returned or picked up by local inviduals will b turned turnover a local burn center. >> peter alexander in washington. thank you very much. just ahead, a clege freshman takes his own life after secretly broadcast on the internet having an encounter with another man. two fellow students now charg in that case. we'll have the latest. in that case. we'll have the latest. this
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morning. it 50e7s:26 on this thursday, the 30th of september. some of you have already seen several inches of rain today. let's get right to tom kierein in "storm ceer 4." tom. yes, joe. and that rain has caud many creeks to overflow their banks. they've flooded many of the roads there as well as in southern maryland. they've had the heaviest rains. up to five inches have fallen. heaviest are in eastern ann arundel county. we'll have more rain from time to time throughout the rest of the day, perhaps a small tornado popping up as well up until around 1:00. the rain will taper off and end tonight. a new crash just moments ago. we are going to check traffic next.
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good morning, everyone. police arriving on thecene of a reported
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7:30 now on a thursday morning. the: 30eth day of september, 2010. wedding day. we he a beautiful tent set up for our guests of loving nature this morning. right now, those guests or some of them are being treated by our singer. we will have more on this inside studio 1a. i'm matt lauer along with meredith vieira. you should be a welding singer. >> i have the voice for it. want to hear me now? >> no. >> later? >> no. >> okay. >> meanwhile, our bride and groom, melissa and jeremy are racing to get ready. jeremy has been in iraq and have been separated during their courtship and get ready. >> they have had hard time. >> may have. a nude study about
7:31 am
mammograms suggest that screening starting at the age o 40 can lower the risk of dng from peace cancer and last year, a study said women should wait until the age of 50. which is it nancy snyderman gets the study for us. a freshman from rutgers university took his own life after being secretly recorded during an intimate moment. it's been posted on the internet and two students have been charged on this case. our nbc correspondent is live on the campus. good morning to you. >> reporter: grief counselors have been at work on this campus a week. there's plenty of work to do. a terrible day. the students are all from new jersey. only 18, just began their freshman years, one is dead, the body fro the hudson may be his and the lives of t other two have been changed forever. when tyler clementi celebrated his high school graduation this past june, he already won acclaim as a violinist and
7:32 am
schorship he would use at rutgers university. but his roommate, dharun ri announced on twitter the romate asked for the room until midnight i went to molly's room and turn on my webcam and saw him making out with a dude, yea and also broadcast him live over the internet where untold number of viewers could watch. then he allegedly tried to do it again, tweeting, yes, it's happening again. this time it did not work, the next day a police source told nbc news two witnesses saw clementi jump off the towering george washington bridge to his death. molly he referred to, classmate molly wei have bn crinally charged with violating new jersey's privacy laws and could face 3 to 5 years in prison. not enough says privacy expert. >> i think if the prosecutors limit this to just the privacy violations in state law, they're
7:33 am
not doing their jobs. >> reporter: clementi's suicide may be the latest tragic teen death linked to the internet and humiliate violations of privacy. last year, 13-year-old hope and 18-year-old jesse logan both took lair lives in separate incidents after nude photos they sected to close friends were forwarded to their classmates. in tyler's death, his accused tormenters face criminal charges. rutgs, like so many schools, continues to struggle with issues of privacy in the internet age. >> the basic element we have is human nature that can exploit anything to dony number of bad things to other individuals. >> reporter: clementi's family issued a statement calling him a fine young man and distinguished musian. the family is heartbroken beyond words and cooperating fully with the ongoing criminal investigation of two rutgers university students. friends mourn t loss of a young and hopeful talent. >> outside of being an extremely
7:34 am
talented musician, tyler was an amazing person who made you feel great and you couldn't help but smile when tyler smiled at you. >> reporter: no comment from molly wei or her lawyer or the lawyer for dharun ravi did tell me yesterday his client is confused and upset and still struggling to understand what happened. both suspects are at home with their families awaiting arraignment. >> mike taibbi on the campus. thank you very much. aafety expert and the vice president of student affairs at rutgers university, good morning to you both. >> good morning, matt. >> let me start with you. it's obviously a horrible day for students and everyone at rutgers. what is the university doing to deal with this situation? >> the campus is in mourning. we're all very very sad about what has happened to tyler. our heartoes out to his family. there is no greater tragedy than to lose a child.
7:35 am
our entire campus mourns with him. >> i know you cannot, because of federal law, speak specifically about the case, but i wonder, has there ever been any kind of similar incident at rutgers? any situation involving such a gross invasion of privacy? >> i've been in higher education 36 years working with students and i have never seen a case like this in that 36 year period. it's highly unusual for a case like this t happen. mostly what happens in our residence hall, students develop a close-knit trust relationship andttachment to each other. for a student to do this, it violates the trust relationship that usually exists within the residence hall and shocked our entire university. >> tragically or ironically, this was announced on a day the university was announcing something called "project civility" long in the planning, about compassion and courtesy and everay interactions.
7:36 am
there was even a sessionlanned as part of that program called uncivil gadgets, changing technologies and civil behavior. this was not something that wasn't on the radar. >> civility is an issue that the university talks about wit our students at all times. it's part of the way we true to build character and help students understand how they interact with one another. there's a lo of ways our students interact on the internet and one another. part of our responsibility as educators is to teach them how that interaction needs to occur with one another and with people outside the community. >> it's become so easy for people to rord just about anything and then stream it online. do you think because of the ease of this, that these young people simply forget this is not only an af front to privacy, it's illegal? >> it's very illegal and more than affront to privacy. we talk about this as privacy issue, it makes me very nervous. >> these are smart kids that got into rutgers and very competitive. they knewt shouldn't happen.
7:37 am
it's easy. think abo it, technology lets you do it and ne. >> there's a charge of a couple of counts of invasion of provides. it could more serious charges be filed? for example, if prosecutors can connecticut the dots directly from this invasion of provides said in recording and streaming onlineo the suicide of this this young man, could the charge of involuntary manslaughter, i know you're not a prosecutor. >> but a lawyer. i don't think that's going to happen. we looked at that with megan myers case as well. i think you will see a lot more serious charges especially civil rights charges used by the prosecutor in the phoebe case, the modern way of approaching it. >> a student went online and to told others to log into this and watch this. if unwittingly the did this, could they be accomplice to this? >> no. we're allowed in this country to watch terrible things happen an not report them as long as we
7:38 am
don't have a special relationship. we're here far too often to talk about this. it has to stop. i'll help rutgers do it. i have kids who knew him and work with me and knew ler and knew what a huge loss it . >> this is an incredible lesson not only about rememberi and respecting privacy of others, i know privacy makes you nervous. we are not safe. we have a laptop computer next to you, simply open, has a camera on it, could record this entire conversation or anything else in the room. >> absolutely. if somebody puts a trojan horse, hacking type program without your knowledge, can turn it on and off when ever they want to, walk oo your bathroom, having sex, a private conversation, you ar now on national tv. >> we appreciate your input, both of you. our condolences to everyone at rutgers, and thanks for being with . a check of the weather now from al. >> today's weather is brought to
7:39 am
you by the american cancer society. the official sponsor o birthday. >> good morning. as we take a look at temperatures around the country. good news in california. temperatures have cooled off, more seasonal we've had waves of heavy rain moving through since about 3:00 this morning. i'm meteorologist tom kear rieb. right now the radar showing a lot of green. the green is showing moderate rain covering most of maryland and virginia. the heaviest rains right now are in anne arundel county ride along the bay there and heading offer to thenorth.
7:40 am
waves of heavy rain lter on today, perhaps a funnel cloud from an isolated cloud. a dry pattern after that. on a day like today, you want to keep track of your weatherall day long, go to weath >> visitors in las vegas are complaining about getting a lot more sun than they bargained fun. >> it's jokingly called the death ray. the sun from the hotel is making hot enough to cinch hair and melt plastic. with its $8.5 billion price tag, the new city center complex is the hottest spot on the las vegas strip. maybe a little too hot. >> i actually thought, my god, we destroyed the ozone layer because i am being bued.
7:41 am
>> reporter: bill was laying out by the pool at the vdara hotel when he said the heat from the sun was unbearable. >> my head was steamg hot and my hair was burning and i could smell my hair burning. >> reporter: he ran for cover under an umbrella to get away from the intense heat he left his newspaper behind and said the rays melted some of the plastic away. >> this was not just uncomforble, impossible to sit there. you were literally being burned. this is the swimming pool and where i was seated. >> reporter:e said the sun's rays were bouncing off the vdara hotel and focusing on him, a phenomenon sonoma and solar convergence, the glass heat of the surface of the hotel acts as a parabolic dish and it concentrates the light in a 10 by 15 foot hot zone, moving acrosshe pool area. >> i said to the staff, i said, i don't know if you know what's going on out here, but i was being burned.
7:42 am
they're like, yeah, we know, we call ithe death ray. >> reporter: in a statement to nbc news, a spokesperson for mgm resorts international, the hotel's owner, said the pool staff did receive occasional questions about the elevated questions at the pool area as the convergence moved across the pool deck and offertory relocate guests at other seats on the deck. when a reporter paid a visit to the pool this week, he felt the intensity of the hot zone and guests did, too. >> this is vegas and people eat and drink at the pool as sport and might fall asleep not knowing they are in a very hot area and get very serious burns. >>eporter: bill said he has no interest in suing the hotel, just wants to make sure no one else gets burned. >> i want them to fix it s nobody does get hurt and everybody can enjoy the pool. >> reporter: the spokesperson for mgm international said they are working with designers with new options, shade strtures
7:43 am
for guest, more greenery to provide additional shade and umbrellas. with kids around, it could be scary. >> we're laughing about it on one hand but very dangerous. thank you so much. still ahead, jeremy and melissa exchange their vows live on the plaza. up next, the confusion over when women should start getting mammograms. happy birthday to you. ♪ happy birthday to you. ♪ happy birthday, happy birthday... ...happy birthday to you. ♪ here's to a world with more rthdays. it's pretty cool. [ woman ] you jt feed your check in. feed the money right in. no deposit slips. no looking for an envelope. i have an image of my check right here.
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almond joy and mounds. enjoy more. back at 7:46, when should women start getting mammograms. that debate is being reignited by a study that says women can reduce their risk of dying from breast cancer by 26%. dr. nancy snyderman is here. good morning toyou. >> good morning. this is a confusing study, you're right. >> there's so much controversy and confusion. women used to be told get your mam a gram whmogram when they'r now wait until you're 50. no this study. what do you think of it? >> it's telling us science is a moving target and somewhat controversial.
7:47 am
this is a study outdoor of sweden basically claims for women who are diagnosed with breast cancer in their 40s with mass screening compared to later, you can cut the death rate by 26%. some in the u.s. are saying not so fast. this is in fact a flawed study. here's what it boils down to, meredith. if you are diagnosed in your 40s with a breast cancer and it's found and i'm diagnosed later in my 50s, you do well and i don't, the assumption is you found yours earlier and therefore it's better. what we do know is not all breast cancer is the same. perhaps your breast cancer would be found and melt away on its own or found and treated and nothing would happen and mine in fact was a more aggressive tumor. we can't throw them all in the same wastebasket. the american cancer society and the american academy of radiology have a book that came out in support of this study. i caution people there is conflict of interests for both
7:48 am
of tse organizations. there's big money behind mammography. if you pause for a second and look a some of the people saying it's flawed because everything's lumped together, the american cancer society also made a stament yesterday that if 22 million -- 22 million american women are screened early, starting at the age of 40, that about 2,000 women's lives will be saved. if you're one of those 2,000 women, i understand why it's important. but conversely, that means1 milli, million 800,000 women have to be screened every year to find the tumors. mammography is not without its consequences. it means the chest is getting radiated every year and the cumulative effects, we don't know for years. i would ask everyone to stand back and pause and remember medicine is individualized. and for those women who couldn't have a risk factors, perhaps you
7:49 am
don't need to start at 40, for those women who have strong family hfa fami histories or know you have a genetic hitch, talk about when to screen, i wouldn't undo what our task force said last year based on this study. >> the task force saiwait until you're 50 if you have no known risk of developing breast cancer. >> that's right. they also said, remember to individualize and talk toour doctor because so much of this screening comes down to individual risk factors, your own concern and, frankly, the need not to overdiagnose and not to overtreat in society today. >> thank you very much. >> you bet, meredith. >> still ahead, we put america's cheapest family to the test to see if they can help another family slash their groce bis. 00 miles. it was always... [ laughing ] that seat's not happening without a big miles upcharge. a miles upcharge wasn't part of the deal.
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7:53 am
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7:56 am
16 people are involved in this crash. we're told they're minor injuries and everyone should be okay. you can see traffic is blocked off in that area. it's just one of many, many accidents we've seen because of this wet weather. good morning. i'm joe krebs on this thursday, the 30th day of september. lit's get an update on our weather right now. let's go to meteorologist tom kierein in "storm center 4." we've had heavy waves of rain coming through since 3:00 this morning. the heavy rains are in southern maryland, chesapeake bay and it's moving inland toward charles county. moderate rain continues to fall across most of the entire region. the rest of the da a small risk of an isolated tornado popping up. rain should end tonight. dry weather to follow as we get into the weekend. stay with us all morning long as we watch to continue to follow all this rain and flooding. we're going to take a break and come back for wea
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
. as we told you, we're continuing to follow breaking news in silver spring where two metro buses havecollided at the intersection of university boulevard and burnett avenue. on the phone is scott grahame. chie thanks very much for joining us. what can you ll us about what happened there. how did these two buses collide? >> joe, good morning. i'm having a difficult time heing you. i'll give you what we've got going on. at the intersection of university boulevard east and burnett enue, we have two metro buses th have collided. one has rear-ended the other. at the time we arereating 17 patients, 11 of which are minor injuries, priority, three patients, four of which have significant injury bus are nonlife-threatening.
8:00 am
we have mobile ambulance bus on the team, which will be transporting a number of the victims on the buses are high hool students. we have montgomery county students on the scene with us. we're working to make sure that note fe indication an disposition of students are taken care of. eastbound coming out of wheaton is shut down completely. westbound university boulevard out of four corners. we have two of the three westbound lanes are open and that appears to be moving. so we'll probably be here for a period of time. 45 mins to an hour at least. so if you're tveling eastbound on univerty boulevard, you may want to find an alternate route. >> just to clarify, were these metro buses or school buses? >> i'm sorry, joe. i'm having a hard time hearing you all. i'm going to have to hop off and we'll give you updates as they happen. >> we'll clarify this on our own. once again, 11 people have minor
8:01 am
injuries there, four with significant injuries, and montgomery county school system is on han to make sure that any students involved are being taken care of and their students are being notified. let's go to jerry to find out more about the traffic. >> joe, it's been a tough morning. here's another angle of that accident where authorities do remain on the scene. a report came out it was a metro bus. we'll certainly check on that. as the chief just said, the university boulevard is closed off at that point. colsville road i going to be your alternate route. we'll update you. this is beforehe aquacon river. this is toward the 14th street bridge. improving news, jackknifed truck, bore the beltway just about wrapped up. still activity on the shoulder still horribly backed up but things are getting cleaned up a little bit.
8:02 am
>> we'll continue to watch and follow this rain and flooding all morning lock with frequent updates. now we go back to the "toda show after we first of all take a short break. shows them usingy machinery to remove debris falling into the theole rescue them, hopefully sometime in november. the markets this morning and we have news o aig. >> that's right, amy. shares are moving sharply higher this morning and news is it is moving closer to the independent government, just this morning, the aig and gocht getting close to an exit plan they can convert preferred shares and convert them to common shares. and put them in the market. aig got the biggest bailout, $180 billion with the government taking 80% stake in the company.
8:03 am
if all goes as planned, u.s. taxpayers would be repaid in full. >> thank you. the u.s. postal service is expecting approval for its request for a rate hike. if it happens, the price of a first class stamp would go up two pennies to 46 cents. it is 8:03, and time for weather and al. today's weather brought to you by thermacare heat wraps.
8:04 am
. almost six inches of rain have fallen in southern maryland, they've got flooding going on there. we also have some other flooded roads right around the metro area. areas in green, you see on radar, are aas of mood rat rain. also pockets of heavy rain in charlotte as well as northern fauquier county. we'll have heavy rains throughout the rest of the day. small risk of isolated funnel cloud and drying out tomorrow. that's yr latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. up next, america's cheapest family helps another family cut their grocery bill and the moment you have been waiting for, missa and jeremy tie the knot here on rockefeller plaza. try thermacare heatwraps, for all day relief without pills.
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let's see how low we can go. let's do some little things... that help us save big. add some insulation here. a little weather stripping there.
8:08 am
maybe an energy star-rated appliance, or two. let's save money on the things that keep saving money. that way, we can turn a little energy into a lot of savings. more saving. more doing. tt's the power of the home depot. we're lowering the cost of staying at room temperature with owens corning insulation -- just $10.44 per roll. today's money brought you to by fidelity investments. turn here. >> we are back now at 8:08. more money saving tips from america's cheapest family. we mean that in the nicest way. they're back this morning to help another family out. they're the authors of "cut your grocery bill in half," the parents of five children. welcome back. enjoying your second day in new york. a lot of folks would like to
8:09 am
learn from you and your tips to save money. we have t reeves family that was watching andhey want you to help them cut their grocery bill in half. let's take a look at their story. like many moms, lisa reeves is always on the go and so are her three growing kids. >> 15, 16, and 17. >> with growing appetites. >> one little pound of hamburger isn't going to cut it for a family of five. >> the fami's grocery bill has gone up by at least 30 or $40 a week. >> it's creeping up somewhere between 180 to $200 every week on groceries. >> to keep costs down, lisaake hers kids' lunches. >> bottled water, sandwich, fruit, cookies, chips. >> she hunts for bargains. >> the haniford brand is 60 cents cheaper. i am going to go with this one on sale. >> cooks dinner almost every night. >> occasionally we have
8:10 am
leftovers. i'm not really a big leftover person. >> when it comes to coupons and big discounts, it's a half hearted attempt. >> if there's a big sale and will i stock up? i will sayot usually. >> as far as following the list, not so much. >> i tend to buy things in addition to what's on my list. >> those unplanned food runs are hard toavoid. >> we're at the mall and suddenly, everybody needs something, taco bell or chinese place, burger ng, wendy's, you name it, we hit the mall. >> so lisa is looking for some help. >> i would say in a realistic figure cutting bk on my groceries, anywhere fr 30 to $50 a week. >> lisa is joining us now by skype. is it called ilacia, new york, did i get it right? >> you did. >> we will get some ti. why don't you tell us what she's doing right. >> you're doing a great job.
8:11 am
we want to start with the basics of what you're doing. measuring you're cooking every night, that's a great thi. co making your kids lunches, awesome and saving 30 to 60% on that and we heard, talking with other people,e heard your husband is volved. he knows real men don't just bring home a paycheck, they get involv, fold laundry, wash dishes and mop floors. you have a team started. you have really good things going for you. >> annette, there are strategies you think she could use to save more money. you're a planning person and think she could use more planning. >> absolutely. there was no mention of planning a menu. that's step number one to save time, mental energy, have a menu plan for the week, even forever it's jus for dinner. >> lisa, can you do that? can you plan out a menu a month
8:12 am
-- a week ahead or as annette does, a week ahead. >> i do a week ahead. i do it three nhts out of five,i think. >> that's a start. >> >> in the piece, she buys bottled water. i thought you would jump out of your chair. that's a no-no in terms of saving mone right? >> there are many ways to get good water to drink. we recommend people buy a good filtrationsystem, do it yourself. wash the bottles out to get rid of the germs. that can save 60 to $80 a month if you bottle your ownwar. >> becky and abby, there are three teenagers in the reeves household, what tips would you give them, that they like to eat out, what would you say to them? >> i would say they need to pay for their own fast-food. mom and dad shouldn't have to do that. they're old enough if they have jobs, they should be earning enough they can purchase their food. if they don't have jobs, time to
8:13 am
get jobs. >> do you have a part-time job or anything like that? >> baby-sit and work for my parents but i want one. >> let's talk about these times the reeves family out at the mall, all of a sudden, everybody's hungry. happens to every family. what do they do? go to burger king. what's the suggestion there? >> the suggestion is not go to the mall around a mealtime. make sure you're doing it in between meals, 1:00 to 4:00 or 5:00 or after dinner, 7:00 to 9:00. >> or bring snacks with you. you have a meal plan and you stick to tha meal plan and feed your family at home. >> are these tips you feel you can incorporate into your lives? >> yes, i think so >> one thing i want to share. the list i saw lisa carrying, looked like a sticky note. that was woefully inadequate for a grocery list. we have a free downloadable grocery list on our website. >> the one we use. >> it would help, lisa, if you
8:14 am
just were more there or rogue, had a larger list to draw from. >> lisa, what do you think? >> i will look for that. that sounds like a very good idea. >> one other tip. the family showe us yesterday, we didn't actually know it was coming, another way to get free meals. in our greenroom, they basically went to town on buffets, snacks. lisa, basically, anything that wasn't nailed down. the last tip we have for you is steal food. go to the "today" show. >> lisa, thanks for sharing your family's situation with us. we hope we have managed toelp you. >> thank you. >> all right, folks. easy on the greenroom day. they will be back tomorrow and wi answer your questions if you have one. head to our website at and we'll get it
8:15 am
to them. up next, meredit goes back to high school, right afr this. but it's not somethings, that i want to do completely on my own -- i like to discuss my ideas with somne. that's what i like about fidety. they talked with me one on one, so we could come up with a plan that's right for me, and they worked with me to help me stay on track -- or sometimes, help me get on an even better one. woman: there you go, brian. thanks, guys. man: see ya. fidelity investments. turn here. hmm...what's going on with dad? he seems different. ♪ are you ready? he's not talking about work. ♪ i don't want to work he's not tucng in his shirt. ♪ everybody, now! he's not checking messages every 9 seconds. annow this? ♪ i don't want to play ♪ i just want to bang on the drum all day ♪
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8:18 am
we're back now at 8:18 with more of our special series, "education nation today," meredith, you went back to high school. >> i did. 50% of african-american children drop it of high school each year. leading the promise of new york, the charge to make a change. >> i believe our education system, in se places, education equivalent of katrina. thinking their country's coming to save them and no one comes. that's what i felt as a child. either the kids are getting s t
8:19 am
stupider every year or something is wrong in the education. >> this new documentary, "waiting for superman," you talk about it as a child, waiting for superman yourself. >> i just thout, all i have to do is hang on by my fingernails and he will show up. >> and rescu you. >> and he will rescue . how you doing? >> now, jeffrey's mission is to rescue the children in harlem. in many ways to them,e is superman. >> tell me what you all are doing today. >> he says he's doing it block by block. >> we can fix the next block and the next block m. >> 97 blocks to be exact. this is the harlem's children's zone. its school, the promise academy, is a charter school i the heart of harlem. >> what do you do about students that don't show up for school? >> if they don't show up, someone's knocking at the door. kids can't learn if they don't come to school. >> jeffrey's school takes a
8:20 am
holistic approach to education, providing dental and medical care and social services, even freshly grown food. >> ty harvest the food and cook the food and i sometimes eat the food with them. i'm always excited. >> it is sbolic of what you're trying to do with the promise academy. it really is the oasis. >> they're working in their garden. you forget you're dealing with life and death issues in other places. >> come out of a chaotic environment and closed setting. >> it kind of feels great, like our own little family >> if you hadn't come here, do you think you would even be thinking about college right now? >> not really. i probably wouldn't be at school. things are different and more organization, like my fellow classmates. >> in my old school, they would fight us and we didn't do our rk. >> you have your own life now, different life?
8:21 am
>> you're od, you guys. jeffrey, what is the promise you make to parents? >> you give us your children and i guarantee your child is going to get into college and we will stay with your child through college until they graduate. >> how can you make that guarantee? >> it is the guarantee, i think, you have to make because it puts you squarely on the line. >> canada's pipeline begins as a baby college educating new moms and dad and it cover kindergarten to high school. >> if you could, would you do away with public schools and make every school a charter school? >> i don't bieve charter schools are the answer beuse a lot are failing. >> studies suggests 1 in 5 charter schools are doing better th public schos. most do about the same. the charters that work tend to be in urban areas. >> i just want to be able to hire great teachers and fire
8:22 am
lousy teachers and make sure we get the right leaders. >> you know you will be the first graduate from this school. can you visualize yourselves in caps andgowns? >> i can't wait. >> i plan to go to college and become a doctor. >> i plan to study law. >> i want to be an architect. >> i want to go to college and be an accountant. >> for students like this, it is an uphil battle. her big brother she is very close to, is in prison. it's messages like this one encourage her dream do come true. do you ever wonr where you would be today without this school? >> dropping out or getting involved with the street. >> my fear, if this wasn't here, would she be a mom? would she be out on drugs? >> you will have a good year this year? okay. can you -- >> poliis mr. canada superman tu
8:23 am
in any way? >> he's definity superm. he's what we needed, who we've been waiting for. >> you're a junior, talking about wesleyan. >> yes. that's my dream. i athleticism determin i'm determined to make it happen. >> their budget 84 million, tuition is free and there is limited space and tuition is by lottery. jeffrey tells me it's his least favorite day of the year but good news is students who don't attend the school can still participate in after school programs and 90% of those seniors have already gotten into college. interesting all the students said after one year, they all wanted to leave. it's very hard. >> long school days. >> often going to school on weekends as well, they go to school all year long. their parents said you're not going to. stick it out, stick it out. all those kids graduating next year said they're so grateful now, it really saved them. and that girl is going to
8:24 am
wesleyan. she will get in, i bet she will get in. >> we're all excited. >> we need more schools like that. >> absolutely. just ahead, we have a wedding ahd. we hope our bride -- moments ago, how's she feeling? melissa, how are you feeling? you seem so calm? >> i'm dng great, so excited. i think i am pretty calm, trying to keep myself composed. >> did you get any sleep last night? >> very little. i'm going on adrenaline right now. very good. >> i know the wedding party, everybody doing good, i know you haven't seen jeremy today. everybody else doing well? >> everybody is doing great. they're all so excited. >> the reception will take a few blocks from here at the hudson terrace. natalie is there. getting ready? >> it is absolutely stunning. they just finished pting the finishing touches on this gorgeous cake designed from connecticut. can you believe these flowers are sugar flers?
8:25 am
they look like the whole thing. >> and this stunning backdrop is the hudson credible views on a day. and we can't wait to welcome jeremy and melissa after the wedding. >> back live on the plaza after your local news and weather.
8:26 am
it's 8:26 on this thursday, september 30, 2010. we have another tornado warning right now. let's gret the latest from tom kierein in the storm center. good morning, tom. >> this is in western kent county on the eastern shore. take a look at the associated downpours with this storm. his is just north of rock hall. this is now passing just to the north there and heading off -- it does appear a little bit farther tthe north, just west of chester town. this is the storm cell, the areas of dark red. this is the zone here where there could be a tornado touching wn. we vacations on radar that there is circulation here. this is western kent county. this is the shore here on the chesapeake bay. here's th bay. and farther to the south there is the eastern neck wildlife refuge. this is rock hall, north of rock hall, headed toward toll chester beach. that is a tential tornado.
8:27 am
elsewhere we have modete to heavy rain south of washington. it's about to move into the metro area here over the next hour, so expect some more heavy downpours and more flooding. eun. >> thanks so much. breaking new this morning. two metro besollided in silver spring at the intersection of university boulevard and burnett avenue. 17 people are hurt in the crash. four people have significant injuries, but none are life-threatening. montgomery fire and rescue tell us that there were some students aboard those buses but they do not know yet if they were among those injure is is a view from university boulevard and lorraine avenue. you can see traffic is blocked off. it'seen a busy morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
good morning, everyone. you're looking at the remnants of an accident, an accident moved to the shoulder. a quick check over northern virginia. interstate crawling as we head on in. rlier accidents on 95 have been cleared, and good news, the jackknifed trailer after the 270 spur has been moved off of the roadway. the bad news is delays will begin out of tysons corr. >> stay wi "news 4" all
8:30 am
morning long as we wah and monitor all of this rain and flooding, but for now, back to flooding, but for now, back to the "today" show afteat se is ne you get the bld, hope it's enough, it's -- what's this? [ man ] new and impved freestyle lite® blood glucose test strip. sure, i'll try it, but -- [ beep ] wow. [ man ] yeah, that's the patented freestyle zipwik™ design. [ man #1 ] it like it -- targets the blood. targets the blood. yeah, it draws it right in. the test starts fast. you need just a third the blood of onetouch®. okay. freestyle test strips. i'll take 'em. [ man #2 ] sure. call or click -- we'll send you strips and a meter, free. can't i just have these? [ man #2 ] freestyle lite test strips. call or click today.
8:31 am
na nair, colin has not overlooked any details. >> some consider this a signf fertility. >> i think you've just given your fo good morning. waves of heavy rain playinging the metro area continuing this morning. right now on radar there's some indication o circulation in a storm cloud that is now over
8:32 am
kent county that has prompted a tornado warning. this is the storm here over western kent county on the chesapeake bay and it's west of chester town heading off to the north. elsewhere we'll continue to have heavy rain from time to time in the afternoon hours and then taper off and dry for the weekend. coming up next, melissa and jeremy g married live here on the plaza. first, this is "today" on nbc. right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong familieand hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why these tough times i've put education first.
8:33 am
we've made record invements in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts sawe nowave the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in eve neighborhood, i know that we must do even better. ♪ the turn will make you think. ♪ make you re-exame your approach. change your line. innovate. and create one of the world's fastest-reacting suspensions, reading the road 1,000 timeper second. it's the turn that leads you somewhere new. introducing the new 11 cts-v coe. from cadillac. the new standard of the world.
8:34 am
welcome back to rockefeller plaza, where we're celebrating day's wedding, modern love, the wedding you've been planning
8:35 am
the last six months is about to begin. melissa and jeremy will exchange their vows on our plaza in a few minutes. >> guests have arrived, they're seated. up at the altar, reverend dr. steve cox will officiate, an old family friend of the mcmillans, a district superintendent with the united methodist church. >> our groom, jeremy gephardt is making his way down the aisle. he is wearing his air force dress. looks fantastic. just returned from his second tour in afghanistan, on his second tourf duty and currently stioned in alaska and plans to return to missouri, where melissa lives, next spring. >> he are jeremy's parents, cindy and dalegebhardt. they have been married 27 years. they must be so proud.
8:36 am
>> absolutely. >> melissa's mom, mary mcmillin is making her way down the aisle with melissa's brother and is a first grade teacher. he's four years older than milissa and jt graduated from law school. bret is a senior at rockledge high school and both ado jeremy and melissa and have a close retionship with her. >> the bridal parties starting to make their way down the aisle. the ladies wearing the dresses you voted for. the men wearing suits by kenneth cole. these are a variation of the suits jeremy will change into for the reception a little later this morning. >> the first pair one of melissa's maids of honor. she met jermain 9 first grade and they have been frien of melissa since they were kids, she's a senior of melissa's in virginia. >> the other maid of honor, jeremy is joseph's brother,
8:37 am
still in high school. he's a huge nascar fan and hopes to have a door rear in racing. kate is melissa's sorority sister and a roommate at the university of lumbia. >> robt met jeremy in first grade and have been friends ever since. amanda is another one of melissa's sorory sisters and roommates, a student at the university of missouri >> now, we have rye coleman with kate. he is at the unirsityf missouri studying journalism. we like that. met jeremy in sixth grade. caitlin is a high scol friend of melissa's and met in show choir. the little flower girl,abby, is making her way down the aisle now. she is the daughter of melissa's cousin. and she is in the first grade. and she is absolutely adorable. >> isn't she cute?
8:38 am
♪ >> and here she is, our beautiful bride we have gotten to know in the last few weeks, melissa mcmillin, wearing the dress you chose for her. i'm starting to cry. we want to share a secret to you. her bouquet is a personal item and watch from her 90-year-old donna, who couldn't make the trip and her other grandmother's wedding ring that passed away when she was 13. walking her down, her father, he and his wife, celebrated their
8:39 am
wedding anniversary this summer. >> jere proposed to melissa when rereturned from an attorney in iraq in 2009. it all began with jeremy's video entry to our show, all the way om the second tour of duty in afghanistan. >> friends, we are gathered in this unlikely place, at this unexpected time, because we wish to bear witness to aoment made holy, as jeremy gephardt and melissa mcmillin enter into the covenant of marriage. we believe marriage is a sacred covenant between two people that mirr mirror's god's love for us and our relatnship with jesus christ. that is not just celebration of love, a commitment to a
8:40 am
lifetime of faithfulness and loyalty, one to the other. jeremy and melissa, you do not make your vowsalone, you stand in the presence of god. you are surrounded by your parents, your family, your friends. troops in afghanistan and thousands of others, who are cheering you on today, even though you will never meet them. each of us is committed in our own way, to support and encourage you. so who gives melissa to be married to jeremy? >> her mother and i. >> jeremy and melissa, i suspect you have wondered about this moment for mh of your lives. when you were younger, you may have dreamed of a perfect person, one who was just the rite height or had just the right color hair. one who was a great athlete or
8:41 am
elegant dancer. and then you met each other, and you put aside all those dreams because reality -- because reality was so much better than what you had. or recently, you may have wondered about this wedding, about where it would be, about what you would wear, about what your rings would look like, about what the weather would look like. and, again, except for the weather, your dreams have been cast aside, because reality is so much bter than what you thought. it's just as well. because it is likely that whatever you imagid about this moment, about your marriage, will never measure up to what you are about to encouer. i'd like you to turn and face each other so you might see clearly into each other' eyes. join hands so yourulse might become one and now proclaim before god your vows that will transform and sustain you in life.
8:42 am
jeremy. >> melissa, in theame of god, i take you to be my wife, i will love you on the good days and on the bad, whether we live in wealth or in poverty. i will love you whether we are near or apart. when we are young and we are old. i love and i cherish who you are and o i am when i miss you. i pledge to always remain with you. >> melissa. >>jeremy,n the name of god, i take you to be my husband. i will love you on good days and in bad, whether we live in wealth or in poverty, in good health or in illness. i will love you when we are far apart and when we are sitting close, while we are young and when were old. i love and cherish who you are and who i am with you. i love you and i pledge to always remain with u. >> well done. may i have the rings, pleas
8:43 am
the wedding ring ia simple yet elegant representation a much more complex reality. it has no beginning, it has no end. signifying to us the eternal love that bears all things, believes all things, and hopes all things. the one who wears it declares to all that he or she has been captured by the enduring love of another. jeremy. >> i offer you this ring to show you i love you, i believe in you, i pledge to always remain with you. >> my fingers are sweaty. >> melissa. >> jeremy, i offer you this ring to show you that i love you, i
8:44 am
believe in you and i will always remain with you. >> in as much as jeremy d melissa have taken their stand in this place, in the presence of god, with us as their witness, and have done so by sharing holy vows, by joining hands and by giving and receiving a ring, i announce they are husband and wife together, in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit. god has joined you together, may no person and no distance ever separate you. let us pray. gracious god, weive you thanks for your tender lo, that calls us into loving relationships. please send your blessing upon jeremy and melissa on this day and on the cenant they have just made. bless them in their work and companionship and sleeping and waking and inheir joyce and sorrows, in their living and in
8:45 am
their dying. may you constantly be at their side to guide and protect them along the y, in the name of christ, we pray amen. you may kiss. >> it is my pleasure toe the first to announce you to, mr. and mrs. jeremy gephardt. >> there they e, our beautiful bride and groom. melissa is 21. she turns 22 tomorw. think this whole day will count as her birthday present. jeremy is already 22. they were separated six months while he was in afghanistan and now they are together forever. congratulations. >> congratulations! >> thank you so much. >> so, mr. and mrs. gephardt.
8:46 am
>> yes. >> we want to remember all the way back to your video you sent us, jeremy. and one of the things you said to us, melissa, i can't wait for the day i'm mrs.gephardt. how does it feel. >> i am so excited. it's about time. >> you were in afghanistan for a lot of tse plans. what does this day meano you? >> it's been such a long time coming and melissa deserves it more than anyone in the world. i'm soappy she was able to share this with me and everyone here. it's beautiful. >> your family must be so excited. they have long running marriages and you have excellent role models. >> we do. we will definitely look to them for advice. we're so excited they got to share all of this with us. >> i haveo give everyone at home a hand. you look so beautiful with everything they selected. they did a great job. >> we're so pleased. >> even the ring you managed to
8:47 am
put on your sweaty finger. >> i know. it all came together. >> sit tightor a second. stop and relax and enjoy the moment. we will take areak and come back. we have some business to attend to. i think you will like it. we're back with melissa and jeremy, mr. and mrs. gephardt on their wedding day. first, this is "today" on n. four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cae companies.
8:48 am
then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took blions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides withorpora executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle cde do. progress is saving tax payers millions of dollars, with the help of visa digital currency.
8:49 am
which lets troy reiners, manager of nebraska's child support payment center, put money into pre-paid visa accounts for just a penny... instead of mailing out checks for 59 cents each. nothat's progress. visa. currency of progress. we're back on the wedding day, this thursday morning, the 30th day of september, 2010, melissa and jeremy's wedding day. they are now mr. and mrs. gephardt after a beautiful ceremony on the plaza, despite inclimate weather. it doesn't seem bad. we're back with guests and the groom. >> we just gotmarried! >> it went so fast. >> one of the things we like to
8:50 am
do on "today" is take a moment. we get to know you over the course of a couple of weeks and we would like to propose a toast to you just after your marriage. if we can hand everybody a glass of champagn there you go. perfect. so, melissa and jeremy, i'm sure the last couple of wee seems like a blur to you, so much has happened to plan for this wedding in such a short period of time. the truth of the matter is when it comeso your relationship and getting you both to this day, it's taken more time, it's taken great patience and a lot of nurturing. >> from the day jeremy first laid eyes on you, calling you the prettiest girl in the room, to the day you finally agreed to a date. from a blossoming relationship romance put on hold due to two separate tours of duty in war torn countries, allowed this relationship to mature atts own pace and it has paid off.
8:51 am
>>, of cours >>, of course, melissa, you are studying to be a nurse, whi shows your kindness and compassion and jeremy, with your service to our country, you put that above all else. we thank you. >> when you think about it, kindness and compassion and commitment and willingness to sacrifice for others, what better qualitiesould two people have as they enter into marriage. we would like to raise a glass and toast you on the path you've taken and to the road that lies ahead. congratulation credits. >> thank you so much. >> to melissa and jeremy, everybody! >> another piece of business we have. do you know about that? >> yesterday, we talked about four beautiful honeymoon locations. the voters have been at it again overnight. we will take a break and when we come back, we will get to check out what they selected, where you will be going.
8:52 am
"today" on nbc.
8:53 am
we are back with jeremy and melissa. i'm so proud of you. natalie is with the reception. everything in good shape?
8:54 am
>> the rain couldn't ve stopped in more perfect time. this is the beautiful hudson terrace. the river views just spectacular right now. take a look around me. this setting is spectacular, keeping in theme with our mern love scene. colin cowie helped design this location and one of two levels we are celebrating melissa and jeremy's wedding and their weddg party as they arrive. colin cowie put all these incredible touches from place settings to flower arrangements to all the personal touches, absolutely couldn't be more perfect. we can't wait for the party to get started. i'm sure melissa and jemy are making their way over here and family members. we can't wait for them to arrive. >> actually, they're still with . we have one more piece of news. >> it really is a gorgeous setting. i want to know what kind of food they have.
8:55 am
are you guys hungry? you must be starving. >> if you're a normal bride, you haven't eaten in two weeks. >> much more ahead on this thursday morning, even as the music continues on the plaza, we'll talk about the honeymoon you have selected for melissa and jerimony -- i keep saying jerimona. right after this local news. breaking news in silver spring right now. 17 people were injured when two metro buses crashed at the intersection of university oulevard and brunette ave now. several students were on one of
8:56 am
the buses, but we do not know yet if they were injured. good morning. i'm eun yang. it is 8:56. a flash flood warning is in effect for most of the viewing area. let's go to sto"storm center 4"d tom kierein. good morning, tom. here comesanother wave of heavy rain. the yellow and orangeare the pockets of the heaviest rain that continue to move in from south to north, all associated with the remnants of tropical storm cole. they'll be with us for most of the afternoon along with damaging winds from an isolated tornado. that may occur until about 1:00. the rain should taper off and end tonight. windy and drying out friday. cooler for the weekend. eun? >> thank you, tom. it's also been a very busy morning on the roads, as you can imagine. wearing shirts ♪
8:57 am
8:58 am
♪ which caused a trend alert ♪ and everyone ♪ saw everybody ♪ tell'em all ♪ tell'em something, where to go and what it's all about ♪ ♪ ll them how to feel when they shout it out ♪ ♪ tell everybody else ♪ and everyone ♪ tell everybody else
8:59 am
joom good morning,ive. taking a look at the virginia side not too far from tysons corner, good example of howt is. maryland, a little bit of improvement. >> stake with "news 4" all morning long as we watch and follow all of this rain bless them in their work and companionship, in share sleeping
9:00 am
and waking, in the joys and sorr, in theiriving and dying, may you constantly be at their side to guide and protect them along the way. in the name of christ, we pray, amen. you may kiss. >> we're back now with more on "today," a thursday morning. that was a couple minutes ago on the rockefeller plaza when melissa and jeremy became mr. and mrs. gephardt. they exchanged vows and became husband and wife. it was a beautiful ceremony despit a little bi of drizzle in the air. you know what they say, the rain means a downpour of good luck in yourmarriage. >> we can use that a lot. >> and we're here with mr. and mrs. gephardt. natalie mora morales is several blocks from here where the reception is going to take place. good morning to you.
9:01 am
>> good morning to you, matt. the place settings are all ready and ready for melissa and family. you can see these personal and designer touches designed by none other than designer celebrity, colin cowie. i can tell you taking a look at the menu, you guys will want to get a taste of this, smoked salmon napoleon, trufled eggs appetizing, huh? and the signature cocktails i can't wait to try, some strawberry belimis and expresso martini, which is colin cowie's and we can't wait to welcome mr. an mrs. gephardt. >> we will send the down in a couple minutes. >> we have a little bit of business first. now that you're mr. and mrs. gephardt, you may be wanting to
9:02 am
know where you're going for your honeymo honeymoon. you were shown amazing options, brazil, thailand, turks and caicos islands and portugal. the vote is in. >> who would like to do the honors, mr. or mrs. gephardt. here you go. >> . >> you will be going for your own private stay with a butler. >> we can't wait! >> in november. >> congratulations. we will send you off to the reception now, so enjoy that. we will meet
9:03 am
. good morning. i'm meorologist tom kierein. for the second time we've had a tornado wning issued. right now there's a very strong thunderstorm cell heading off the tidal potomac into southern maryland. here's tidal potomac and the chesapeake bay. here's the storm that may be producing the tornado. right now getting indications on radar there's some circulation and there may be circulations that hit toward st. mary's city and toward solomon in the next 15 minutes or so. this is moving rapidly to the north. and areas to the north of ere may also encounter this particular storm as it does move off to the north. it's moving at a rapid rate. righnow these are the areas that are affected. these are the towns that will be 'affected in this particular zone. it wille perhaps in the nxt
9:04 am
couple of minutes up toward luz by and by about 9:15 errand calvert beach and prince frederi around 9:20 based on the track of the storm and speed. and maybe by calvert county by 9:28. rightow it does appear that this is a strong thunderstorm th may have some rotation in it. in fact, there may even be a water spout right here over the tidal potomac. we've had several here as there is a long line of heavy downpours now crossing the esapeake bay and heading off to the north, now right near annapolis. they've had repeated waves of heavy rain there. each one of these particular storm cells has the poteial of producing water spouts, which are like tornadoes, but they're over water. and they generly have winding of about 30 to 35 miles an hour. but these are heavier storms just now beginning to move to
9:05 am
southern maryland. and there's also farther to our west another area of some very heavy rain that is now moving through the western section of the northern nk of virginia. this is a long train of rain that stretches all of the way down into southern viinia and out of the southeast virginia area into eastern north carolina. you can see this area of rain that does continue to move off directly, now taking a bt toward the washington metro area. these cells where you see here that are in orange and yellow, these are the ones that are producinvery heavy rain. there is small chance that some of these could produce a funnel cloud that could reach the ground. farther to the north as we go back here closer to washington, we do have these pockets now of some moderate to heavy rain heading into fairfax and fauquier counties. those areas of heavy rain are exacerbating our flooding problem. also we've had a creek out of
9:06 am
its banks in fairfax county running very high. we've got reports of flooded roads ought throughout much of fairfax county, prince william and fauquier county as we as charles county, parts of charles county and in king george county. there's a heavy downpour right ar silver spring. that one is passing off to the north as well. we'll be heading up toward albanynd laytonsville and east of damascus. and then on the eastern shore, this is this very long line of very heavy rain. many locations here have had nearly five inchesf rain on the eastern side of the bay with more on the way. they could pick up another three or four inches on top of what they've already had. now,he radar also picking up heavy downpour here in northern loudown county. that's heading nth into washington county. heavy pockets of rain unfortunately moving back into fairfax county, right into burke, virginia, and to the west
9:07 am
of mt. vernon, they're getting into heavy downpours. now down interstate 95 there are some pockets of heavier rain that stretch from dale city down to the stafford county line, and we have this other line here that's also been forming in fauquier county. this is n just north of warrenton. that's heading north. also many creeks and streaming out of their banks in ma of these locations. we have flood warnings out throughout all of northern virginia, the district of columbia and most of maryland. flood warnings meaning we have flood warnings under way right now. there is flooding. many small streams and creeks flooding roads and unforpt flight we have more on the way. the wider view of the radar showing copious amounts of rain coming in from the south, from rotating remnants of what was tropical storm nicole. now that center of circulation is just now crossing into
9:08 am
virginia. that is going to be passing right near the metro area in about another three hours or so, and that will ntinue to train this rain right on up toward us. as we see here, there's tremendous amounts of rain as you see in the oraes and yellows. they've had wind gusts here around the outer banks to around 45 miles an hour. so thesere near tropical sto force winds but even though this is no longer name add tropical storm and we could have gusty winds along with isolated tornadoes. we have a tornado watch out for eastern north carolina, eastern virginia, much of maryland, including district of columbia, up into eastern pennsylvania. this tornado watch in effect until 1:00 this afternoon as this storm system does pass through our region. then it will quickly taper off and end by later on tonight. now, again, let's take a look at the radar where we do have a tornado warning in efect for st. mary's, southern st. mary's
9:09 am
county, southern calvert county. this is in effect until 9:45 this morning. this is the storm that m be producing a water out or perhaps even a small funnel cloud that could be touching down right now near st. mary's city. ifyou do see a funnel cloud headingoward you, get to an interior room of your house. if you have a basement, get to your basement. certainly get away from windows, and this is going to be quickly passing by as it does move off to the north. it's moving along at 40 to 50 miles an hour. it is a fast-moving storm, as are all these thers. this training line, a heavy rain east of interstate 95 is about to come into western charles couy and, again, heading up farther to our north. and we will see this continuing into our western suburbs. we've got these heavy downpours now moving into fairfax city. and that's jus nowbout to cross into interstate state 66. now we have snarled traffic, reports of cars stranded in some
9:10 am
locatis along the creek here in annandale, and falls church getting heavy rain. this area of orange, that is very heavy rain. other pockets are going to be following that. so this is that long train of rain unfortunately going to continue to pass right over the same areas repeatedly. and that will just really cause more and more flooding problems. there's a respite from the rain here in prince georges coun now but don't think it's over. there's certainly a lot more to come. this is going to be the story as the day progresses. itill be coming in as wave from te to time as we've got this enormous area of moisture that continues to stream up from the south and continues to stream in right over eastern north carolina, etern virginia. up into t district and up into maryland. now, the center of circulation is right now near roanoke. you can seehat circulation there a little bit. it duh look like that center of rculation, that's the northwestern with the storm, as it does get closer to, us that could increase our chances for
9:11 am
tornadoes. and, again, small funnel clouds are possible as this is a vigorous system, a rapidly movinsystem, and a very, very wet system that continues to affect regions not only here but up and down the atlantic seaboard. this rain is extending all the way up into eastern pennsylvania. there are flood warnings and watches up there as well as up around the new york city areand a into new england. they're getting heavy sbrien western massachusetts and new york state. this is going to affect travel that far noncht farther the south in our region, this somewhere we have t biggest flooding threat because of this incredible long line. i mean this is a couple of hundred miles worth of rain yet that continues to train along in this very similar and almost identical track, and this is what really can cause some devastating flooding. right now he we are in washington with this rain as we look back now at the local radar in time lapse over the last three hours. it has been unrelenting here
9:12 am
since about 3:00 this morning. that's when we've had tese passing waves of very heavy rain coming through. even though it may a seem like it's over in your neighborhood or things have settled down or you think that there's not going to be any water in your basent if your basement is prone to flooding, it's just wise to go down there and try to get any items off the floor thatou want and get them to an upper-level floor to get away from the water because ma area basements are going to have water coming in as the storms continue to move through. not much lightning all. in fact, we have the lightning detector on, but no lightning being reported. just very, very heavy rain. and there could be wind gusts as the storms pass on through too. some of the wind gusts could be up to around 25, 30 miles per hour as some of the isolated cells come through, which is unfortunately going to cause more pblems because we have some of the very older trees in saturated grounds now, and they have still a lot of leaves on them, ando a wind load on those trees could cause them to
9:13 am
topple over and bring down power lines. we've also already this morning had several thousand without powerround the region. it doesn't take a lot of wind. maybe 30 to 35-mile-per-hour winds to topple some of the older trees with weak root systems or trees that are old and rotted. they could easily topple over and bring down power lines as the day progsses. now, the local radar once again, let's take a look at southern maryland. it's just update now. that cell has just moved inland. this is the particular storm thatight be producing a small tornado just to the north of st. mary's city. this is traveling to the north heading toward chesapeake and up toward lusby. that's a storm system still showing quite a bit of strength. it's not weakening and continues ttravel to the north here are some of the communities affected by it as it does move in this particular general direction by 9:20r so. it will be near long beachs
9:14 am
well as calvert beach and chesapeake ranch estates. by about 9:30 it may be near prince frederick, lusby, and may be up there, too, as this is a very heavy rain producer as well as perhaps having an area of perhaps maybe some circulation there right where we see this red. this is where this may be the tornado right in this zone here. this is the very heaviest rain. tornadoes tend to have a lot of rain wrapping around with them, and we also see some circulation in the radar right near stoney run, up toward lexington park. in fact, the radar just updated so you can see this storm is moving rapidly tothe north and will continue to pass on up into southern calvert county here shortly. just to get you iented, i can turn off the radar just to show you the map her and you can see where the bay is, where the patuxent river meets the bay and where the land masses are and the water is. so, yes, this storm is right
9:15 am
over southern maryland, southern st. mary's county, and continuing track off to a northeasterly track. but that long dark red area did just disapeerks so that's good news. it looks like the storm may be weakening just a little bit, but the still is the potential that this one could be producing a small tornado. we'll zoom in even more to see some greater detail. that is maybe moving toward glen view knolls, lexington park west of you. you may be having some circulation. perhaps a funnel cloud. this one may have actually produced a water spout that perhaps may also form when it crosses the patent river here. as the storm passes overer, it likely may trigger a water spout thatould be like a tornado over water, and they usually have much weaker winds, and that will help to sort of break the storm dn just a little bit. the wider view of the radar
9:16 am
showing this is continuing to move to the north. and once again let's look at some ofthe communityies that may be impacted by this and the timing of this, moving off on a north-northwesterly track at aund 9:23 right now. it looks like it may be near calvert beach and at 9:30 toward prince frederick and hunting tn. now, the wider view of the radar once again is showing this long train of heavy rain that's now moved right into fairfax county now. we can zoom in on that, and we can see that fairfax county is really getting some very heavy rain right in the center of the county, and it's right ne vienna w, near fairfax county. burke is now getting the heavier rains. we've got many small creeks and stream that have already had some flooding. this is heading right on up toward refton and toward th west of mclean and lainly. that heavy rain is going to be fillg up some of the creeks
9:17 am
and streams as well. farther to our west we do have some heavy downpours in fauquier county. these are not quite as extensive as the ones in fairfax. nevertheless there are a lot of streams and creeks out of their banks. this is going to add to t problem. this is heading toward loudoun county. loudoun county, you, too, have had passing moderate to heav downpours, right now near leesbu there's one heavy downpour. that is passing off to the north and will be heading toward washington county in another 15 minutes or so. and fther to the north and west, the rain has pretty mump slackened off a bit in montgomery county where it was coming down much arder. that has now moved up into howard county. that one is now crossing the howard county line. that's heading twarnd interstate 70. this is where 97 meets 70. so this is really going to be causing problems too. many small creeks an streams in
9:18 am
this part of montgomery county too have been out of their banks. they've had reports of cars that have been flipped over and stranded up between gaithersburg and damascus there where lighte rain is falling. but this within is just now about to pass into howard county. now, back to the wider view of the radar, we do have that storm syste now in southern maryland, the oe that prompted the tornado warning, which is in effect until 9:45. it does look like it has weakened a little bit here just in the last few minutes, so this is good news. it is going to be crossing the patuxent river, which is right here. ky remove the radar and once again get a idea of the lay of the land. here's some wide water in here, and as the sto does pass over, here it may be weakening just a little bit. but there certainly have been some very heavy downpours there in southern maryland. in fact, at the lexington park, which is a little bit farther to the south, they have had reports
9:19 am
of almost six inches of rain here in lexington park, and this area has just been inundaed wi tremendous amounts of rain and unfortunately we have maybe a couple of more inches of rain yet to get through here with total amounts of up to seven, as much as eight inches of rain. more pockets of heavy rain for the next several hours. we'll be keeng you posted with frequent updates. eun? >> thank you. heads-up the f you have a flight today. the federal aviation association has issued. be sure to check your flight status before you head to the airport. there could be delays. once again, make sure you check your flight status this mornin let's get an update on the roads now. jerry edwards has been monitoring trfic. jer jerry, what's the latest? backed up in many lations. i want to show you. not too far from tysons corner.
9:20 am
the inner loop and noup are severely baped up. the inner loop in particular. much earlier there was a jackknifed tractor trailer on the inner loop of georgetown road. that's been cleared for about an hour or so, but we're still seeing residual delays, and of course, getting through the construction areas, far left lane and right lane dealing with high water. that's the result. significant backups. no accidents here. one more stop, along 270 there appears to be a little row leaf in sight. the fr is once the traffic gets lighter, the speed picks up. the roads are still very, very slick. there's still reduced visibility, so give yourself travel time. but hopefully with time things are slowing down. but as the second bandof rain comes in, things could get tough all over again. >> keep it slow out there, jerry. thank you. let's go back to tom kierein now to ge the updates on the forecast. tom, good morning >> hey, eun. good morning.
9:21 am
this situation continues to change minute by minute. it may seem like the rain has perhaps taped off in your neighborhood and you're thinking perhaps the storm is over. well, no. these waves of rain will be coming and going throughout the day, so the rain may pick up a bit and slacken a bit and pick up a bit again. and this is going to b the story here, in fact, for the next probably seven or eight hours. it is going to take a long time for us to get through this entire storm system because it is an enmous system that is spreading a lot of rain from the canadian border all the way down to cape hatteras. this is in a large area of isture that is streaming in off of the atlantic, all associated with the remnant circulation of what was tropical storm nicole, which is n the remnant circulation over southern virginia. that is going to be passing probably just to the west of the metro area here in about another two or three hours. so perhaps right around 11:30 or noontime or so, that's probably when we'll inease our rainfall and increase our chance for a tornado when we speed up.
9:22 am
we've already had two or three tornado warnings this morning. we still have a tornado warning that is in effect for southern maryla, for parts of st. mary's county, as well as calvert county. as we look now at the latest radar stheeg the stormoes continue to show some weakening. but there still could be some circulation perhaps in the section of this storm. maybe there's a water spout that's crossing the pa a tuxent river. it's heading tward long beach and prince frederick. storms are to the south of solomon and continuing track off to the north. i can remov the radar and you can see where the land mass is andhere the water areas are, and that is continuing to track to the north with some very heavy rain and perhap some circulation here in this storm that may be producing a funnel cloud or perhaps a water spout as it goes over the patuxent river. we've had a hichtd of essentially water spouts being
9:23 am
reported on the chesapeake bay this morning coming from a long line of storms that is moving over the chesapeake bay right no just to the east of annapolis. all of these storms have a potential of producing water spouts over the y, andhere's annapolis. and right now there's the bay bridge. they're getting some very heavy rain right over the bay bridge at this time, and that is continng off to the north, that particular storm as well. you can remove the radar and get an idea where we are here. right across from annapol is kent island, which is right here. so thi is a band of some very heavy rain between annapolis and kent island. this band heading right on p, right along the western shores of the bay from near shadyside and an a runldle county near annapolis near glen burny and east of balmore. so that is one zone of some very, very heavy rain. there may be a water spout associated with that particular line as well. now, as we look off farther to the west, here's the latest update now for fairfax county.
9:24 am
there have been some heavy downpours in fairfax county all morning ng. in fac we've got many of the creeks and streamsoutof their banks now in fairfax county. app a teek creek a well as four mile run, spout run. many of the creeks and streams out of their banks covering the area of the roads. this whole area in yellow near reston all the way down to where it meets dale city. under a large area of very heav rain the areas of orange where it's raining hardest, there 's homes run. they have a history of getting their basements flooded. so all these communities here near fairfax city to fairfax, oland, doneville, will oh woods, blue yokes, all of the communities here, many of the basements may be getting some water in them. that is tracking off a ltle bit farther to the north heading
9:25 am
toward vienna. heavy downpours toward vienna and up toward reston and four corners region and tysons corner. this is wher they're getting very, very heavy rain and this is unfortunately not over yet. we've got this long train of rain tracking right along almost the same track over and over. waves of moderate to heavy rain into the metro area. i'll be back with another update shortly. eun? >> tom, thanks so much. a tornado warning has been issued for st. mary's county. joining us byhone is karen everett. good morning to you. >> good morning, eun. >> so tell us, how are you preparing for this warning, karen? >> well, we're using our procedures that we have drilled for, and thank you for letting our citizens know about the warning. the tornado warning is specifically for st. george's island, pa tux end river and california areas and will be lifted at 9:45 this morning. so thank you for getti word out. >> sure. no problem. so in terms of you were saying
9:26 am
the operaonal and proper procedures. what does that mean exactly? >> this means that ouremergency operation center has been monitoring through the evening and the state highway administration as well as the county roads people are out and alting all of our citizens of the flash flood watch, which is in effect. we're here in peninsula in st. mary's county. th need to be very cautious with the roadways. >> and have you seen flooding on the roadways and problems with homes a that sort of thing? >> we do have high water some county roads and 1-800-state highway rote, route 244, in the area of our lady church has been closed and state highway administration is on the scene. >> what about school this morning, karen? any delays or problems in opening schools? >> none. they have been drilled for this and there are alternative routes for school bus sthoos thank you so much karen everett. good luck. >> thank you.
9:27 am
>> let's go back to tom kierein for an update on the ather forecast. no breaks yet. >> this is a system that is coming in waves. it settles down for a while and the rain seems to taper off, ybe be just sprinkles for a tierjs but then maybe a half hour, hour later, you could get a wave of more heavy rain coming through. and that rain takes a while to run off and it does take a while for some of the creeks and streams to fill up, even though the rain may taper off and may particularly end in your particular neighborhood. it doesn't mean that e creeks and streams in your area re going to be going back down. in fact, it takes several hours for this rain torun off into the creeks and strea and that does happen and we get that water covered roadways. if you ever encounter water on a roadway, do not attempt to drive through it. turn often, don't drown. we've got several pockets where we see the orange of very heavy rain now falling from south o burke, virginia, right across fairfax county, heading on up
9:28 am
toward now montgomery county. could begetting some more heavy rain. also as well out in loudoun county and fauquier county. jerry, what's th latest on the traffic? >> the american legion bridge approach, right at the moment, no accidents, but notice about mid span traffic is very, very slow. i suspect we may have aproblem with the drains. just be very cautious. one more stop to go around. we'll update you on 66. loaded up. be very careful. notice the road spray. if you're getting ready to head out, stay updated. eun? >> be sure to stick with "news 4" all day as we continue to monitor the severe weather and the traffic as well. but for now back to the "today" show. we'll be back with you in just
9:29 am
will love you when we are near and far apart, while we are
9:30 am
young and when we are old. i love and i cherish who you are and who im when i am with you. i pledge to always remain with you. >> i will love you on good days and in bad,hether we live in wealth o in poverty, in good health or in illness, i will love you when we are far apart and when we are sitting close, while we are young and when w are old. i love and cherish who you are an who i am with you. i love you and i pledge to always remain with you. >> there you have it, the moment of their i dos and how quickly they made their way over her to the hudson terrace, the now newly mr. and mrs. melissa and jeremy gephardt. you made it here really fast. >> yes. and wardrobe change, too. >> when you said your vow, how calm and confident you seemed in front of a national audience. what was that moment like for
9:31 am
you? >> it was great. we've waited such a long time. we were just excited and comfortable with each other. that's why it was so calm. >> jeremy, you've been away on two tou of duty, afghanistan most recently. to be able to make it home for what an occasion, right? >> oh, yeah. i'm so happy. like w said, we've been waiting for this a long time and so happy it's finally here and now we're mr. and mrs. >> the rain broke almost. so appropriately timed. the skies cleared up a little bit, just in time. what a beautiful wedding. you two make a handsome couple. you changed out of your men's dress into our tuxedo the viewers picked for you. you look fantastic. i know you're rea to get the party started. what do you think of the hudson terrace? your first impression walking in? >> it's beautiful, my gosh. >> it until you see what we have upstairs, all designed by colin cowie and the wonderful
9:32 am
joshua, who will perform a wedding song for you in a little bit and you will be lighting this beautiful unity candle as well, we look forward to seeing you and your wedding guests. i'm holding up the dance floor. i will move out and let you take over. al, you just arrived
9:33 am
i'm meteorologt tom kierein in "storm center 4." i've been tracking some waves of very heavy rain that have been occurring since about 3:00 this morning sweeping from the south, all across virginia, into the district of virginia and maryland. some of these heavier downpours have had circulations with peaps some funnel clouds associated with them. this latest one right now is anne arundel county. we can zoom the radar in and
9:34 am
show you where that particular storm cell is. this is the one i was talking about earlier that's on the western part of the chesapeake bay, just now south of annapolis. this is the sto right here. you can see that sort of hook effect. this could be a tornado, a water spout anyway, over the chesapeake bay, that is right near annapolis. this is tracking to th north, maybe right near downtown annapolis in the next just five minutes or so. this is moving north as a very quick pace, has very heavy rain associated with it. but this is a classic hook echo from a tornado perhaps or a water spout. now we can zoom in closer here andget a closer look at that and where it may be going. these are the communities that are getting the heavie rains right now from the naval academy south of annapolis, as well as north there of brownswood and near say state park. this is where the chesapeake bay crosses. i can move the radar so you can
9:35 am
get an idea of what the la areas are in relation to the bay an where the heaviest downpours are associated with this. so this is thetorm right here that may be producing a tornado or a water spout. this is a tornado warning area for eastern all arundle county that's in effect until 10:15 this morning. the wideriew i can show you shows another batch of some heavy rain that is stretching from just north of annolis right along the western shores ofhe chesapeake bay. and let me show you some of the communities that will be affected by this potential tornado passing jst fromear annapolis and then right along the western shores of the chesapeake bay. could be affecting these communities. cape st. clair by around 9:36 in a couple more minutes. belvedere heights and chelsea beach by 9:42. then toward lake shore, after that near bayside beach by around 9:45. so watch out. if you do see a funnel cloud or a water spout, definitely get
9:36 am
awayrom the windows. go to an interior room of your house. if you have a basement, get into your basement. that is the safest place to be whever whave tornadoes or any severe storms, even a gust of winds that can crash through windows. certainly pay attention to the forecast and stay tuned with what's going on as we will be giving you frequent pdates here as this storm system continues to move through our region here. it affects an enormous area. we're getting moderate to heavy rain from east to west virginia all the way to the chesapeake bay. all of this is associated with an enormous storm system that is the remnant of what was tropical storm nicole. now, the circulation of that is just now moving into south central virginia and looks like this is going to be passing just to the west of the metro area here over the next couple of hours. this will be our time for the
9:37 am
area to experience perhaps a tornado or the heaviest rains because as you can see looking down here, this area of orange and ellow, these are the areas, the bands of the very heaviest rains that are taking a beat right on the metro region and coming right into our area from time to time here for the next at least five or six hours. we are going to be plagued with waves of this heavy rain. now, the local view of the radar here over the las three hours is showing these waves of rain passing south to north. and where you do see the areas of orange and yellow, those are the areas of the heaviest rain. right now it appears that the heaviest rains closer to washington are in fairfax county and now just crossing the potomac river and moving into western montgomery county. this is the batch of one of the heaviest rains right now near asburn, virginia, and sterling and near eat falls, virginia. we can zoom in and show you
9:38 am
where they are getting the heaest rain right now as well asear the dulles tollway where it meets reston by dulles airport. that's where they're getting heavy rain right now. the streams are flowing out of their banks. we have an update. that's passing to north. ts is the latest radar. this is live, showing you what's going on. very heavy rains right now in far northern fairfax county crossing the potomac and heading into montgomery county and heading up toward darnestown and toward poolsville in the next few minutes. it will pass to the west near gaithersburg and barnesville and clarksburg and sugar loaf mountain. this area may get more flooding from creeks and streams there. now, the wider view, showing pocketing of heavier rain. just now coming into charles county out of the northern neck
9:39 am
of virginia. that area of heavy rain is now moving right near just to the southwest of waldorf. that is as we look here at the radar showing one really heavy downpour just now north of garden estates near the myrtle grove estates andear mar a bury. as we look farther to the north, it looks light's going to be crossing near the tidal potomac and then toward lorton, virginia. and that area has already been inundated with a lot of heavy rain. right now west of mt. vernon here comes another band of rain from india head, across the potomac and west of mt. vern non. this is going to be heading toward newington and near the beltway. that's going to get inundated with heavy rain as well. let's take a look farther north to the district of columbia. so far we've had only a come of heavy rains.
9:40 am
ou see the blue. more moderate rain to the west. areas west of washington has the heaviest rains right now ar annandale. it came out of its banks and flooded roads there. unfortunately they're getti another heavy downpour as well. stay tuned. we'll be with frequent updates throughout the morning as the rain event continues and more flooding on the way. eu >> thanks so much. now to the update on the breaking news out of siler springs. 17 people were injured when two metro buses crashed near the intersection o university avenue and burnett boulevard. what can you see now? >> you can se two buss that collided behind me and the dage that was done to the second bus there. yo can see the front where the driver sits is kind of crunched in. you've got two dardoor there m bulging out. it looks like the glass was shattered there. not a great morning for
9:41 am
commuters there either. this accident tangled up traffic through the area for a long time, for other an hour and half. university boulevard was shut down in the eastbounddirection. this happened a little after 7:00 this morning. you can see we're in the area of the metro bus stop here at university boulevard near fourks. it's unclear whether t lead bus was stopped, whether they were picking up passengers or whether they were actually in motion all of that is still under investigation. what we do know is for some reason that second bus was in the same lane behind the lead bus slammed into the rearf that bus. now, there were 40 people onboard the two buses. that's what we were told by investigators. 23 people were transported to the hospitl. now, all of the injuries are described as nonlife-threatening, by and large bumps and bruises. peoe complaining of sore backs and necks. there were a few peoe complaining they had aches inside, internal-type injuries.
9:42 am
those are, of cours considered to be more serious. 23 people in total were treated and transported to the hospital. now, we are just down the street from blair high school, and there were ten blair high school students onboard the buses at the time of the accident. eight of them had what are described as bumps and bruises, nonlife-threatening injuries. those eight students were taken to the hospital to be checked out a bit closer. there were two students, though, that were looked over here on the scene. they were not complaining of any ailments. they were checked out on the scene, and then they were actually allowed to walk down to the school, which is just a short disnce down the road here. so they actually walked to school and went on about their day. now, again, all of this still under investigation. it's unclear whether the weather played a roll. obviously we'vead terrible weather conditions all morning long. this happened during the brunt of rush hour, so there certainly was an impact with that. there was a lot of traffic in the area, a lot of slow-going
9:43 am
flask the area. the exact cause still under investigation. but bottom line here is that they're still on the scene, we still have some crews here as part of th investigation. so it's still a slow go through this part of university boulevard. we're near brunette if you're familiar with this area and the four corners ar because the buss are going to be hoer for a while now. the good news is nobody was killed. none of these injuries are considered to be life-threatening. there were a number ofstudents involved, total of ten students involved. all of their parents have been notified and they're told to go to the hospital where their children were transported. so all of those folks presumably have been reunited and it looks like everybody is going to be okay at this point. eun, back to you. >> megan, do wi know why those students weren't on school buses and they were riding metro buses this morning? >> reporter: i don't know why they would right a metro bus instead of the school bus.
9:44 am
i should mention there were some regular school buses, the yellow school buss that were caught in the backup. one of them had a sign on it, home made sign on the fronthat said blair. that was full of students. they had to stay put for a length of time. some of these sitting over an hour at least in the traffic. they we clos to the accident. there's a median, a concrete median that runs between the lanes in each direction. so those folks were literally stuck there. theyouldn'to a u-turn because they couldn't get around the median. so there were a lot of people including kids on t school buss that were stuck in the backup. but not a great situation this morning, but the bottom line here is everyone is going to be okay. >> good news. megan mcgrath live. thanks for the update. let's go to jerry for the rest of the traffic. jerry, od morning to you. >> hey, eun. good morning to you. i show you the capital beltway on the virginia side. this is whatit looks like in many, many locations.
9:45 am
this is a group and clear example of the conditions out. there both the inner loop and outer loop on the virginia side traveling by y of t american legion bridge loadeup very, very heavy and very slow, particularly through the work zones. we talk about the flooding conditions, when it rains very hard, styles there's water that's pooling and ponding in the far left lane and right lane. we're seeing that in many locations. the good news is no mayor accidents, but the volume out on the roadways has lightened up as far as cars now so, speeds are beginning to pick up, which really is aangerous combination with the weather. let's head out to the american legion bridge. again, inner loop and outer loop, far lanes, be very, very alert. generall speaking again, no major late accidents, but i fear that unless they take it cautiously, we could have a difficult midday. it's not going to be easy with the weather but we're certainly going to keep you updad. eun? >> looks like they have a lot of traffic out there. thanks so much.
9:46 am
les go back to tom kierein in "storm center 4" for an update on the forecast. tom. >> thanks, eun. we've been watching these waves of rain since about 3:00 this morning. we've had lots of flooding and several tornado warnings. the latest tornado warning in effect for eastern anne arundel county is now producing what may very well be a water spout just to the east of annapolis. we can zoom in and show you where that is. right now this partular storm may be producing a water spout, perhaps near sandy point state pk. this is where it is. here's where the bay bridge crosses the bay, and it does look like there may be a water spou here in this part of the storm. and thisis this large area of very heavy rain here. here's downtown annapolis, and the south river. and this isow continuing to move off to the north. and it's moving at a rather rapid rate. the heaviest rains are near severna park. this is whe the dark red is.
9:47 am
where you see the orange and the dark red, those are where the heaviest rains are. this storm may be producing a funnel cloud or a funnel cloud over the bay bridg it's moving rapidly to the north. now, water spouts can have winds gusting to around 35 to 40 miles an hour, but funnel cloud is certainly going to have much stronger winds associated with it and we can show you some of the counties -- rather some of th cities that may be affected by it in anne arundel county that may be headed north and perhaps to the eastern suburbs of baltimore in the next 15 or 20 minutes. now, these are the areas that may be affected by this particular storm, perhaps with a funnel cloud or a waer spout right near paradise beach, venice on the bay, rivera beach, ft.oward for the next ten minutes or so and then near baltimore. near that area right around 9:55 or 10:00 this morning.
9:48 am
that funnel cloud/water spout may be affecting you there. again, if you see a funnel cloud coming toward you or strong winds heading toward you, definitely get inside. radar just updated now, so we have the very latest showing you where that storm is. and it does look like maybe it's weakened just a little bit. some of the darker reds have pretty much gone away, except near rivera beach, there's one very heavy downpour there but it's the southern side of the storm that may have the water spout associated with it. water spouts generally are not very large. they may be only a hundred feet or so wiechld the can certainly do minor bit of damage as they move in off the water this is now north of annapolis. here's severe na park near pasadena and up near rivera beach right now. and as we widen the radar here and give you sort of an ori orientation of where we are, there'snother heavy downpour to the west right along interstate 50. just to the interstate laurel. they're getting a heavy downpour
9:49 am
there. th is north of 50. that's looking like it's going to track on up toward 95 near where colombia is and where route 216 is near columbia. so this is going to be heading up that way and perhaps producing problems there on interstate 95. but, again, this is the storm that may have a toerntd, small tornado or water spout associated with it. this tornado warning is in effect until 10:15 this morning. now, let mess show you the wider view because we have other areas of heavier rain fallingn montgomery. that's the heavy rain that was in fairfax just about 20 minutes ago. right now it's in northern montgomery county near poolsville and up toward damascus, just the west of damascus. they're getting a very heavy downpour. we've got creeks an streaming out of their banks, near barnesville, ryland. that area to the east of poolsville. they're getting very heavy rain. this is passing up toward arksburg, too and the large
9:50 am
populaon there around clarksburg and a lot of heavy rain falling there. there are small creeks and streams there too that may be out of theirbanks. so many of these rural banks will be blocked by high waters near the tacoma area and clarksburg over the next 15, 20 minutes or so. let me show you the much wider view, get you oriented with this particular storm. this is associated with the remnant circulion of what was tropical storm nicole. his center of circulation getting near richmond, so it's rapidly moving north. and as it just passes west of washington in the next couple of hours, it's going to beon the eastern side. tight eastern side of that circulation that is tapping all of this tropical moisture off the atlantc, bringing it inland, bringing it all awl the way up through our region to the canadn borr. we have wind reports along pe hatteras and alongside virginia beach, gusts of along 45 to 50 miles an hour. there may be strong gusts even
9:51 am
though there m not be a funnel cloud. you can get strong gusts as they do race on through. here's the radar over the last three hours locally. you can see it h been very active. actually this has been going on since about 3:00 this morning that we've had these waves of very heavy rain that realy caused a lot of flooding throughout much of the region. in fact, we have flood warnings out in all these counties in red. now they've just updated that floodarning and that's extended up to our north as well as the central part of shenandoah valley that easterly did not have as much rain arappahannock county, madison in green and across the blue ridge into page county and rockingham, alba more county as well as augusta county now under that flood warning for heavy rains causing creeks and reams to come out of their banks there. we still have a flash flood warning in effect for loudoun, howard, frederick, carroll and baltimore county.
9:52 am
and it's southern maryland that has been pounded with heavy rain this morning. many locations there have had five to six inches of rain here reporteby weather watchers there. look at the totals we'v had in washington. we've had over two inches. and in southern maryland, they've gone over seven inches. almost 7.3 inches of rain from this storm. they have had 4.25 inches of rain. >> we were thinking three inches of rain common from fredericksburg, fauqer coty and parts of fairfax county right now. three inches have fallen in loudoun and montgomery to our west. look at annapolis. they've hat 6.2 inches of rain so far and more on the way and we do have a tornado watch in effect where you see this area
9:53 am
of ylow that. includes eastern north carolina, eastern virginia, the district of columbia, much of maryland and the eastern shore. that means there's a potenti for an individual storm to produce a funnelle cloud or perhaps a water spout until about 1:00 this afteron as that energy from what's left of nicole does pass off just to our west. so some heavier downpours from time to time throughout the rest of the afternoon. winds gusting perhaps to around 35 to miles an hour near the bay and on the eastern shore. and, of course, some gusts if we do get anyunnel clouds coming toward you. we' certainly let you know any time we get storm warnings coming out. we eat gel get them to you immediately. tomorrow we'll be drying out with a blustery nth wind. 40s in the morning, 60s in the afternoon. we'll be keeping youposted. looks like it may be a little settled. right now the rain continues to sweep through the region. eun? >> tom, thank you. take a look at thi video right now.
9:54 am
this is how bad floodg was in some areas. this is near tobin road not too far from fairfax in an on dale, virginia. this is a husband and wife both rescuedfrom their vehicle as they became stranded in that high water. the road was blocked off, but the husband decided to drive around and drive into this water and of course this is what happened. the car got stuck. emergency crews had to come and rescue the husnd and wife and apparently emergency crews say this is what's happening throughout the rooegegion. we remind viewers and everyone out there during that high flood situation it is very dangers to try to drive through high-standing water. you can't tell how deep it is from looking at it. even if you think in an suv you can drivehrough it safely, often the drivers become stuck and the emergency crews have to come rescue you. again, do not drive in high-standing water.
9:55 am
let's check on traffic with jerry. hi, jerry. >> especially d't drive through the road is blocked. centreville all the way on in, loaded up. but the good news is no accidents, just volume. the better news is because it's so slow, very -- not too much of a likelihood we're going have any late major accidents anyway. so that's one upside of the backed up traffic. let's head on over. you may find your visit bltd severy reduced. prince georges county and anne arunldle getting hart hit. out in game brothers closed down because of flooded conditions. be forewarned. as we say, don't drown, turn around. you don't want to risk it. right now no major accidents on the interstates, but, again, now that the pace is beginningo pick up, things could be tough. a lot of people have postponed their travels until the weather has improved. it's not haened yet. >> thanks for the update. let's go back to tom to see what
9:56 am
the bl is doing. tom, any breaks out there? >> no. unfortunately we've had a new tordo warning. this is a new one for anne arundel county. this includes central anne arundel county as well as northern calvert coty. we've had a new sense from the rad that we've had circulation coming from this particular storm right now in northern calvert county and up into central anne arundel county from near chesapeake beach just to the west of there, up toward west of deal. here is the calvert and aunl arundle county. this particular storm may be producing perhaps a couple of funnel clouds. one on the southern end, perhaps one on this zone of this particular storm as it does track off to the north. these are some of the communities that will be affected by this new tornado warning that is now in effect for northern calvert county and for central anne arundel county. these particular towns may be affected by this storm coming up in th affect few minutes.
9:57 am
this tornado warning is in effect until 10:15 and it may afund london town here in about another five or ten minutes as well as reva, parole, crofton. look out here. it may be coming up toward that region there in stern anne arundel county. crownsville by 10:15. perhaps by severna park by 10:20 or so. so this is yet another one plaguing anne arundel. this is now the third tornado warning they have had this morng there. and just even without any funnel clouds, we've got some serious weather occurring there because of all of the heavy rains. in fact, we just got reports of over seven inches of rain falling in southern calvert county and st. mary's county. so this is just adding to the woes there. radar just updated showing that that storm is now beginning to ll out of calvert county and into anne arundel county. the thick with these storms is they're moving very quickly, the winds aloft on this eastern side
9:58 am
of the great circulation of the remnants of nicole. the winds aloft are moving at about 80 miles per hour. some of it getting transported. we get spin in the atmosphere as well as wind from the gusts of the stm koling through. so we're once again where this particular storm may impact, it may be as far west as mitchellville and prince george's county, by a little bit after 10:00. maybe near crofton, by around 10:10. crownsville by around 10:10 as well. millersville perhaps after that. gambles, again, this is a tornado warning for anne arundel county. it looks like tha storm has pulled out of calvert county for now. it's right on the calvert/anne arunldle line, producing heavy rains. perhaps some small funn clouds associated with that. remember, if you see a funnel cloud or you sense wind is heading toward your neighborhood, get away from windows. go to an interioroomnd go to a basement if you have a
9:59 am
basement. that's the safest place to be. if you can absolutely stay tuned with us, we'll let you know even though you may not be uer any warnings whatsoever, it could be affecting your neighborhood at just a moment's notice because these storms develop rapidly and quickly. right now we're also getting some other areas of heb rain falling in fairfax county as wells into charles county this morng. these areas of heavy rain continuing to track north out of northern charles county. this next batch of some mod rere to heavy rain. where we've hadsome creeks and streaming out of their banks as well. this is gog to cause more flooding problems. more water rescues this morning because unfortunately people are driving through water, and if you don't kw how deep it is and if it looks like maybe a few inches deep it could be, perhaps, feet deep. if the water is moving, stay away from that. we're also getting heavy
10:00 am
downpour through burke, virginia. once again, this is another wave coming through. this is the third one in the last 45 minutes that has swept through fairfax county. this one now is a little bit closer to mclean. that's inside the beltway there heading north and continuing track into montgomery county. once again to get you oriented we have atornado warning in effect for anne arundel county for this particular storm that is going to be tracking across anne arundel county. perhaps it may d do some wind damage in the next few minutes. we'll be back with frequent updates throughout the morning. barbara? >> thank you very much. i'm barbara harrison taki over for eun yang who's been here since early this morning. on the phone is bobby fenwick with calvert county emergency management. bobby, know that you're under a tonight warning out in calvert county, tell us wt you're doing now to prepare for that. >> well, basically we're keeping an eye on the weather. we have people out in the street
10:01 am
watching the weather pattes. winds are beginning beginning to pick up in the southern end of our county. we've been keeping an eye on the rain and the roadways. we have two roads currently closed. none of the state highways are clos closed. so other than that, just keeping an eye on the weatheand trying to stay y. >> are you asking people to stay inside or are you just leaving it up to them to make their own decisions? >> well, we advise people to do safe things when there's ts type of weather. we're under this watch for tornadoes until 1:00 p.m. we're in a flash flood watch until this evening, and we certainly expect people to make appropriate decisions. >> bobby, how much rain have you gotten so far this morning? >> so far, we're estimating somewhere in the three to fouinch rain at this point in
10:02 am
most place >> now, are there waterways that you're concerned about in the county that could be overflowing their banks? >> at this time, we have just passed high tide through the county, and we're heading back toward lowe. the high tide was 7:00in solomons at the southern end and 9:00 at chesapeake beach, so at this poin the water has probably gotten as high as it's going to until the next high tide. >> so none of them reaching their banks that time. >> none that we know of at this time. at this time, the water is pretty high up. hall enpoint is very near the bank as but we do not know any that have gone any significant level. >> ion't know of any significant ones. have you experienced this kind of weather in the recent past? >> we get the occasional tornado
10:03 am
that goes through. they used to call it my crow downbursts d different terms for what kind of severe winds that occur, but we're at the tail end of the tornado that hit la play da back in 2000. >> right. i remember that. >> so we were part of that, and we're all suspect to that potential. >> so as you're watching, do you think there are any neighborhoo in the county that are particularly vulnerable to tornado? >> i don't believe there's any place that's particularly more vulnerable than another. >> all right. well, good luck. we will continue to watch. and bobby fenwick with calvert county emergency management. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you, barbara. >> good luck. >> bye-bye. >> we're going to move along now. think megan mcgrath is stand big to talk to us now. we have an update on breaking
10:04 am
news in silver springs. megan? >> reporter: good morning, barbara. you can see it's raining where i am in four coers. it's unclear whether or not the rain or the weather had anything to do with the accident that occurred here earlier this morning. you can see we have two metro buses here involved in this rear end collision. it happened near a bus stop on universiity boulevard just very close to the fo corners area close to blair high school. the lead vehicle is unclear, whether the bus was stopped wlrks they were picking up passengers, whether they were actually traveling down university boulevard. that's all still part of the investigation. but for whatever eason, the bus that was traveling in a lane behind the lead bus, it slammed into the rear of that bus, runched in the front of the bus where the driver sits. there were a total of 40 people on both of these buses at the time of the collision. 23 people were taken to area hospitals with various injuries. now, we're told that all of
10:05 am
those injuries are considered to be nonlife-threatening. they're described as bumps, bruises. there were a few people that did have some cuts. the windshield of that second bus did shatter. so some people were injured by the shatterg glass. so injuries of that nature. but everyone is going to be okay. but 23 people have been taken to area hospitals for treatment. now, among those folks are eight students at blair high school. there were actually a total of ten students onboard these buses. they were headed off to school this morning. this was a little after 7:00 this n the morning when the collision occurred. eight of those students were transported to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the two remaining students, they were checked out here on the scene. they were notcomplained of any injuries. they were checked out by paramedics, they wre given the okay to leave and they actually walked from this location down to blair high school to go on about their biness, go back to school for the day. the other eight are being
10:06 am
checked out a little more thoroughly at area hospitals. thir parents were contacted. their parents were told which hospital their child was taken to and they met up at those low cases. at this point they've been removed from all the buses and what they're doing now is the investigation, trying to figure out, first of all, whether weather had an role in this crash, also trying to figure out whether the lead bus was stopped or whether it was driving down urine verts boulevard. this happened during the height of rush hour. there was a lot of traffic in the area. it actually caused quite a traffic backup. they closed down university boulevard in teb direction for well over andhour while they transported the patients and they began their investigation of the crash. there were folks who were actually trapped here. t people toward the fnt where the collision occurred, there's a concrete median that divides the inboound outbound lanes so the folks at the front of the backup were not able to
10:07 am
turn around because they couldn't get around that concrete ware bari concrete barrier. so they sat there for well over an hour while they waitefor the lanes to open up. stuck traffic were students on the way to school. there with two buses stuck in the backup who couldn't go anywhere. one of the buses had a sign in front that said blair high school. and there was a second bus behind that. so quite a tough go for fol stuck here on university boulevard. the bottom line, though, and good news is that everyone is expected to survive. back to u, barbara. >> good news, makeegan. maybe you can tell. is the rain still coming down? what's the weather like out there now? >> reporter: we've seen i got off and on. right now i would say we're in a merate downpour at this point. i can tellou my fingers are
10:08 am
pruned. i've been standing out in this all morning long and it's be basically wet all morning long and wn there have been occasions where it's let up, it doesn't last very long. very, very wet treacherous conditions. driving around this morning we've seen pobdi inin ining wat the area. running along the curbs and stacking up because there's nowhere for the water to go. we've had so much of it in the last several hours that the ground is aolutely saturated. it's not absorbing any of the water. it's a tough go out there. while we're starting to see traffic let in the area, the downside is peopleare now able to increase their speeds because they're not sitting in bumpero bumper traffic. that's not good idea. there's so much water out there. it's a tough go. you want to slow down en if you're not being impede birthday i the acciden it's a tough go. we're still going to get more
10:09 am
rain before it's all over. >> they can't move the standing water fast enough. thank you, megan. we'll check in with you again. a speaking of the rain, we've been talking about it for a long time. we've needed it, but perhaps not quite this much so quickly. tom kierein, good morning again. >> yes, indeed, barbara. we've had waves of moderate to heavy rain coming through throughout this morning. this storm system has also spawned several tornados, the latest tornado warning is right here in anne arundel count this one may be produng a funnel cloud in central anne arundel county. right now it looks like it's going to be pssing to the west of annapolis. there m be circulation in this part of the storm. we may have perhaps a funnel clowe on the ground near pembroke which right here in central anne arundel county, maybe passing up through clubhouse estates. i can show youome of the communities affected by the path of this storm. right now it doesn't appear that
10:10 am
these communities may be affected by the storm. crofton by around 10:16, millersville around 10:25 and then game brothers, and others heading toward your direction. you may need to take cover as this system advances to the north. now, the wider view of the radar showing copious amounts of rain that continue to ague the metro area. near annandale and arlington, heavy rain. also into southern montgomery county. this is passing off to the norngt. we've had several waves coming through this morning. this may come into northwest washington as well. this one coming out of arlington. farther to the south there are other pockets of heavy rain, charles county and the much wider view is showing the extent of this storm systall with the
10:11 am
associated circulation which was nicole, which was a tropical storm briefly yesterday. it could be producing some tornadoes albuquerque tu main effect is that the eastern side of this circulaon is tapping tremendous amounts of moisture off of the atlantic. streaming it in other eastern north carolina, southeastern virginia and right on up into washington, maryland, and up into pennsylvania sofrmt these areas of yellow and orange, these areas on the radar are the bands of the very heavy rains that continue to train and track over the same regions over and over. so even though the rain may be a bit of a respite here for a time, here comes another batch that's just now moving into southeastern virginia. this one is heading right up toward the metro area. should be in here peaps in another hour or two before noontime. we could have another wave of some very heavy rain. now, here's the radar over the last three hours shing that we've had this one band that's sort of breaking up a little bit that was plaguing fairfax county
10:12 am
and prince william down toward spotsylvania and stafford. that has now shifted a bit to the easement that's producing moderate rain in st. charles county. it's breaking up a little bit. right now the radar showing the storm system in anne arundel just updated the radar, that one is continuing advance now toward where route 50 heads toward annapolis. that should be hitting there in about so. this may be producing. there is some circulation with this particular storm. this is a storm warning, a tornado warning that may be going to expire in about another five minutes or. so but it may be extended because it does look like this storm is holding together as it heads off. some communi bhas affected by this particular storm as it tracks to the north.
10:13 am
crownsville around 10:20. maybe near millersville around 10:23. glen burney, perhaps 10:30. now with some of the effects of this storm and how to take care of yourself and how to take care of it, we hav veronica johnson joan meg now. veronica, what's going on now? >> as you said, all of this from a system that was only a tropical storm for about four hours yesterday. tremendous amount of circulation. as you said in the atmosphere. and for about another three hours i think we can expect to see possibly more tornado warngs coming t for the area. a tornado watch does cover a good portion of our area as you can see all the way from areas around baltimore, carroll county, howard county, fairfax, prince william, right down through stafford county, carina and the northern neck and off to the east. th little box you see around annapolis, that's where as tom has been telling you the tornado warning has been up and goes for about another three minutes there. meanwhile again this watch goes until 1:00 p.m. but we get sometimes a lot of
10:14 am
calls where folks say, y, what are the all the things that i can do when there is a tornado warning that is up for my area? of course, the one thing you want to do is get inside if you're notinside. get to a basement if possibe, away from the west and southwest walls because that's where there's tippicly highest winds. if you can get under something study like a table to protect yourself, that's what you want to do. and, of course, falling debris, another reason why we say to stay away from any windows or y doors. so closet or bathroom, that's really a great area, and on the lower level if you can to a very small room. sometimes they getalls where they say i'm in a high-rise. what's the best place for me? well, interior rooms and halls are best. central stairways are good. but of course where you don't want to go is the elevator because you never know what could happen. stay away from any glass and windows, of cours no matter how small they may be. and, of course, a tremendous
10:15 am
amount of moisture, too, that's been coming up and over the area. we're far from over, three to seven inches possible throughout the area. we've got floo warnings. those are the ones in red for fed wreck county, carroll county, baltimore county, hartford county, even howard, montgomery and areas of loudown county under a flood warning right now, including areas also of anne arundel county. so likely to be flooding taking place in your area. you'll want to make sure you stay abreast of any changes weather conditions. also as we've been telling you all morning, we want to tell you turn around, don't drown. if you cat see the road shlg you don't need to be driving through any high water. a flash flood watch remains up for the entire viewing area as well. there's again until 1:00 p.m., not just this area, but if you're traveling south around richmond, petersburg, stern north carolina, tornado watch thre too until1:00. tom? >> well, veronica, we just got word that that tornado warning
10:16 am
has expired. thankfully that tornado warning has expire that storm system has weakened quite a bit. as we look at the radar, there is still a lot of rain there in anne arundel county associated with that orm, fwu torndo warning has expired. the circulation detected by radar has weakened thankfully, but we get sortof a pulsation with some of these storms where they can strengthen and weaken, strengthen and weaken. that's why occasionally we'll strengthen anpick up ro eation from time to time. again, this one is passing to the north with very heavy rain right now in central anne arundel county. wider view of the radar showing moderate to heavy rains, a little bit farther to our south, just now coming out of the northern neck of virginia out of st. clarls county. this batch of heavy in may hold together and come right into whington probably in about another 15 or 20 minutes because these are moving quickly. we'll be back with frequent updates throughout the morning into the afternoon as this storm system continues to affect the area with heavy rain and potential tornadoes.
10:17 am
barbara? >> all right. tom. thank you. wre going the check in again wh jerry ewards and see how traffic is moving. we've had problems out there with all this rain. >> yes, indeed. good morning, barbara. go morning, eryone. we'll take you over to prince georgings county to the green belt area. right now between i-95 of the wilson bridge, combined with weather. anne arundel cldties have notified us of a couple of road closures we e need to tell you about. 468 a suddenly road. 253 at st. stevens is block and at least one lane of route 50 just off the bay bridge is now closed because of high water. in prince jonorges county, ramp to route 2 is blocked off and there's debris in the roadway blocked off. in frederick, 270 southbound, route 80, word of an accident, and route 80, both directio of hopeland road where it is that the road is shut down because of flooding. let's go over to northern virginia and take a live look on
10:18 am
the capital beltway near the springfield interchange. right now thetory is the road sy and a little volume but fairfax county telling us there's a stretch of wes fields boulevard that's just been closed down because of flooding. also old courthouse road just closed because of flooding. so if you're going out for the midday, be very, very alert of what's alert. barbara? >> all right, thank you, jerry. and we will take a break and return tour regular scheduled programming. hoda and kathie lee on right now. and i'll be back with a full hour of news at 11:00 for "news 4" midday. hope you plan to join us for that. gorgeous. >> niagara falls. >> wow. >> you guys are great. >> thank you so much for the work. thanks, evelyn. >> good to see you, elizabet up next, sara haines takes flight to show us a dream job
10:19 am
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time for another installment of the series we call "you get paid for that," dream jobs you
10:22 am
would almost do without a paycheck. >> some people think that's what we have, my darling. dream jobs for those with a strong heart, this one. sara haines rise to new heights to check this one out. >> reporter: it is aeap of faith before the real leap of faith, floating, spinning, flying and diving, without a parachute. do you feel like a kid again? >> it is a bouncy house on steroids. >> reporter: ray kubiak is an indoor sky diving instructor. what is a typical day like for you? >> i come in, i drink an energy drink or what not, sit with people, fly a little bit, go home to my wife and kids. >> reporter: and they pay you for that? >> they pay me for that. >> reporter: how do you get into this field? >> when i was a kid, i saw it. i was probably 8 or 9 years ole, maybe younger, i'm looking in the window and they're flying around and i'm, like, how do i do that? lookt your hands. >> reporter: from recreational jumpers to the military, ray teaches people how to use their bodies for a more controlled jump. he's been teaching for 15 years,
10:23 am
spending 20 hours a week in this matr matrix-like wind tunnel. your friends are here, your view is mountains and desert and this is your office and this is what you do. does it get any better? >> for me, it doesn't. actually, air conditioning would be nice. but i'm happy where i am. i'm in the going to colain about nothing. i'm excited to get you in there. >> reporter: i can't wait. as easy as it seemed watching ray it much harder than it looks. but to make sure i experienced the tunnel to its fullest, ray took me for a spin wh air blowing at speeds up to 160 les per hour, the tunnel simulates outdoor skydiving. >> by learning how to doit in a environment that is less stressful, theyearn the body skills, body mechanics necessary and we throw them out of the plane and everything goes perfect. >> reporter: throw them out of the plane? with some training under my belt, i was all dressed up with no place to go. or so i thought.
10:24 am
>> okay. >> she never told us she did this. was that a dummy? no offense, sara, but -- till to come, the secrets behind some of new york's most famous weddings. >> who knew? [ women ] ♪ pop-tarts happy sunshine time! ♪ [ man ] ♪ grab a pop-tart and you might just art ♪ ♪ to sing songs like a meadow lark ♪ ♪ stretch and yawn ♪ blow a kiss to mom ♪ cause pop-tarts mornings are the bomb ♪ ♪ so, rise and shiiiiine ♪alking about nutrition [ female announcer ] "i can't believe it's not butter" witho trans fat and 70% less saturated fat
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10:26 am
"storm center 4." we've been tracking waves of moderate to heavy rain all morning long. some locations in southern maryland have had several inches of rain. we have several inches of heavy rain about to move into downtown washington coming out of southern prince georges county and prince charles county that's goi to be. cog through. we'll have more rain and ring ring. progresso.
10:27 am
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it's time for fios. >>we're back on this thursday
10:30 am
with more of "today." we're about to play "who knew." since today is throwing melissa and jeremy's wedding in the big apple, we thought it would be nice to test your knowledge on famous new york city nuptials. kathie lee is across the street at the digital cafe. she's ready to hand out 100 bucks to those who answ the questions correctly and to those who don't, they get kathie lee's beautiful music. that's a cheer. >> i like your tone today, hod thank you. >> the senior editor of "the knot." this will be fun today, right? >> i'mxcite sgld let's go across the street. >> two ladies from georgia. in the "sex and the city" movie, which nyc location did sarah jessica parker's character marry mr. big. new york public library, the city hall, cipriani or central park? >> the library. >> wrong. >> oh. >> it is all good. it is all good. she gets this. >> all right, now, that questio
10:31 am
could fool you because i remember that's kind of where it started. >> that's a tricky question. originally they were going to get married athe public library, but then mr. big gets cold feet and they end up at city hall. she wears a short vintage dress and a pa of minolo blahniks. >> something is going with this couple from omaha. there is a story, but unfortunately we don't have time. what did catherine zeta-jones and michael douglas do to prevent people from crashing eir wedding? required guests to bring their invitation, didn't tell the guests where the wedding location was until the day of, they didn't have any wedding guests at all, or invited the president and his secret service. i bet the wife would probably know this. >> i think c. >> c. >> wife didn't know this. that's all right, because everyone has a story. >> so the correct answer is they requirethe guests to bring
10:32 am
their wedding invitations? >> yes, all the guests had to bring wedding invitations. on top of that, the invites were printed with holograms. so when you wked into that wedding, they knew whether you were really invited or not or if that was a fake one and you were trying to crash it. that was a big wedding, at the pla, had something like ten-tiered wedding cake, six feet tall, thousands of sugar flowers, huge bash. >> back across to kathie. >> couple from shamrock, texas. what is the theme of this year's "today" show wedding series, fall romance, modern love, forevertarts today, romance on the plaza? >> it is a, fall romance? >> oh, stop it. i'm having a great day. here you go. >> here is the funny thing. i don't know if kathie lee and i would have known this one either, but the correct answer of the theme of "today's" wedding series is modern love. >> it is modern love, the 11th year for the series. this year paired up with facebook, had the most votes ever, and right now a we speak,
10:33 am
melissa and jeremy are enjoying their wedding at hudson terrace. wish i was the. >> dancing to josh who i just love. >> these five adorable ladies from michigan. i'm going to holland, michigan, this weekend, ladies. true or false,f donald trump's three marriages, all three weddings were in new york city, true or false? >> true. >> false! yea! >> hard. >> so kathie lee is giving away more cds today than we can ever rememr. >> they'rhard. >> the apnswer is false. >> he married his third wife in palm beach, bethesda by the sea church, the second wedding was in new york city to marla maples, but not all of them. >> the first one too? >> the first one was a lavish society wedding as well, yes. >> i was at his last one and i do mean last. it is going to be his last. where did reality star bethenny frankel get married in new york
10:34 am
city? was it the four seasons, the waldorf astoria, the ritz-carlton, or the roosevelt? >> a? >> a little cheating went on. oh, they're all together. all right, then it is just fine. all right, take the money. >> see, i think that's telling. the answer they have gotten right so far is bethenny's wedding. >> she pulled that together in four weeks. you were at the wedding, i heard. >> it was one of those beautiful weddings that felt intimate even though there were camera crews and things. y didn't get that feeling it was overwhelming. >> i heard her dog cookie was the ringbearer as well. >> and she peed in the bucket. >> hoda, such talk. you're from orlando? all right, which of these celebrity couples got married at their new york city apartment rooftop. jay-z and beyonce, mariah and nick cannon, alicia keys and w
10:35 am
schlt swizz beatz or demi moore and ashton cup offer? >> i'm >> i'm going with a. >> you got it right. >> they got married on the rooftop, intimate ceremony, all guests wore white to the wedding and didn't divulge any details for six months. >> thank you so much. really, really appreciate it. kate lee will come back over and jn me. and up next, if you're looking for mr. right, work goiwe're go tell you how to find him. [ female announcer ] it can creeup on you. dry skin.
10:36 am
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10:39 am
as you probably know by now, "today" is throwing wedding number 11 and melissa and jeremy gebhardt exchanged vows on our plaza. >> they met in high school, but true love doesn't come that easy or early for most of us. we hit the streets to find out how these days singletons are searching for -- >> that's not a nice word. >> singleeople are searching for mr. and mrs. right. >> the hamtens. >> at a disco in sweden. >> someone introduced us at a wedding. >> a party. >> work for thesame comny. >> we met in college. >> spanish cls. >> advanced biology class. >> school. >> freshman year of college. >> online. >> my brother met his wife
10:40 am
who -- >> on the internet. >> on the internet. >> on the internet. >> on the internet. >> you can read somebody's profile. >> mathematically find out who is your best match. >> meeting people through other people is still the best medium. >> introduced by mutual friends. >> friends first. >> started as friends. >> mutual friend introduced us. >> when you don't expect it, somebody special comes along. >> iis a feeling. it is a chemical fling. and it is an emotional feeling. >> there is somebody for everybody in this world except for -- >> stop it. >> diana kirschner is the author of "love in 90 days." you followed what she said for a while, hoda, but what happened? >> first we need explain diana's philosophy, which i think is great philosophy. you say you should date multiple people and don't have a lot of intimacy with any of them. >> none. >> right. three guys at the same time,
10:41 am
sex, little kissing, little canoodling is good, and you want to look for at least two months of consistently iroving contact before you date someone exclusively. >> the point is, you're not waiting bit phone. i think that's a genius idea. >> the main thing you have to understand here, guys, is this the age of abundant love. >> what do you mean? >> this is the age of abundant love. >> isn't there a reality series about that? >> i'm talking about the real deal. because for first time in history, we have the technology to match people with hundreds if not even thousand potential matches. we see the explosion of online dating. social networking is huge and you can google -- >> you're talking about -- you may meet somebody you have this initial great, you know, conta with, but that doesn't mean that person is meant to be your life partner. >> i talk about "love in 90 days," the research actually shows if you are in a marriage
10:42 am
that is a fairly good marriage, you're generally happier, you're generally happier, and even people livg together because lots of people are living together right now, more than married, who are in a committed love relationship are happier. >> explain to people who are, let's say, divorced or looking around, the way to find someone. people keep saying in social networking and get on -- >> that requires some vulnerability on your part. >> people feel uncomfortable. >> use the oine dang and it is great, it is the norm now. 30 million americans a month are using online dating. >> they're not well known people, right? >> you can actually do it, even if i have actually love mentored a number of celebrities. you can do it. you can also use social networking and social networking -- >> how do you use social networking. >> social networking, if you have your own personal page, you can find people from the past, you can meet new people, they're
10:43 am
always suggesting people based on your network, right, and you can see on a person's profile what their relationship status is. >> how many of these people are lying? lying about how much money they make, how tall they are, how much theyweigh. >> 20% of guys lie in a major way, okay? that's what the research shows. >> she's been through that. >> however, there are ways that's why i wrote "love in 90 days" there are ways to establish this, there are ways to weed out the duds and find the studs. >> she's had a lot of success, hoda. >> you're a hot ticket. thanks, diana. >> when are you going to listen to the woman? all this week -- >> we have been talkg about love. it made us kind o hungry. up next, the lesson in making the biggest, juiciest, delicious burgers, something we can all agree on. >> it will satisfy you, from a guy who won a burger contest, right after this. ♪ this one thing i'll eat, any time of day ♪
10:44 am
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mmmmmm. mmmmmm. wow! y have got to be kidding me. 80 calories? light & fit has 80 calories versus 100 in the other leading brand. light & fit. irresistible taste. fewer calories. i love lit & fit.
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we're back with "today's kitchen" and getting saucy with the winner of the build a better burger contest winner, jaeger stoltz beat out7,000 people winning $100,000 in exchange for his burger creation dubbed the strawberry barbecue bacon burger, which mis sweet and savory. $100,000. >> you're rich. >> smoky and auooey-gooey too. >> what made you think of strawberrys? >> memories growing up and this is. we have strawberries in two difrent spots inthe burger in the sauce and in this really yummy crisp salad on the top. let'sstart with the sauce. >> okay. >> what are we making? strawberrys? >> strawberries. >> what is going on with this? >> we're going to do some tmato paste. and then all of these ingredients, stuff we have at
10:49 am
home, yeah. >> soy? >> yeah, low sodium? >> no. >> what's this? >> this is vinegar. >> jaegermeister doesn't care. >> he's ignoring us. >> a little pepper. i like some heat. put me pepper in there. and then some olive oil. >> he says he's going to build the kitchen of his dreams with this prize. >> wit his 100 grand. >> this whole thing has been so exciting. four years ago i watched the sutter home burger competition on tv. and i'm, like, this is what i do. i cook and i drink, so- >> we like you. >> these are flavors that i love. >> yes, they are. >> let's put it all together and make a burger. >> sounds good. hey. >> you're a dreammeister. i like that. >> also, it is so easy, you can make this whole thing in less than 3minutes. there is your sauce. we want to blend that for probably about a minute at home. >> okay. >> and then second two ingredients we have some molasses, wilyou scoop that for me?
10:50 am
thank you. >> brown sugar the whole thing? >> and brown sugar. >> okay. >> we simmerthis on the stove. or barbecue, during the competition we had awesome weber grills that we to cook everything on. have you ever cooked baken in the rain? >> in the rain? >> ouch. i won't have to wax my brows for a year. >> you wax yr brows? >> come on. >> okay. so with the burger, the beef portion, i like a burger to be a burger. and so i have very few seasonings in it. it is soy sauce, the pepper, and italian parsley. it is a cup of italian parsley. it seems like a lot -- not fresh. >> it adds an earthiness to it. >> an earthy guy too. >> and top it with the ooey-gooey. >> gruyere, i love this. >> this is the ooey-gooey portion with the gruyere on the top. we're going to come back.
10:51 am
we're going to have an interactive moment and come back here. >> i have to sing tonight, hoda. >> no cheese for you. >> let's all stack it and make it look good. >> stack it, baby. >> let's do the plate. >> uh-huh. >> start with our bun. >> mm-hmm. can i put the meat on your bun for you? but, wait, are you going to take a bite of the bun? that's the big question. >> no. >> i see how that works for you. >> here's that. will you eat it? >> she'll eat the whole portion. >> we got our bf and smoky bacon. >> smoky bacon. >> i think we might have to slide into it. >> not only for the smoke but for the crunch. >> what is this? >> that's that sauce we made. >> the strawberry barbecue sauce with a strawberry base. nice. >> is there a fork and a knife? >> burgers are meant to roll up the sleeves, get messy and do it, right? >> did you wash your hands? >> i did. i jus did in the sink. >> get in.
10:52 am
>> is there a fork? >> he's standing in front of the forks. >> more cheese, gorgonzola, and then strawberry -- use your hands to pull the whole thing up. you can get messy. >> i can't. >> oh, gosh. ian. i'll do it for both of you. >> we'll have a bite. looks fantastic. >> bacon, my sauce. >> the meat is fabulous! >> jaeger, thank you. >> congratulations, jaeger. you're welcome anytime. up next, wee check in with our newlyweds and see how the party is going. can't be as good as ours.
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
"today's wedding" is brought to you by chevy. every model is backed by a 100,000 mile, five-year powertrain limited warranty. today is throwing a wedding for melissa and jeremy gebhardt,
10:56 am
at their reception as we speak. they're getting ready to cut the cake. >> how is it going, guys? >> it's going great right now. they're getting ready for the big moment. what we all want to know is are you delicate feeders or the frosting in your face? >> iould hope that we're not dog frosting in the face. just because i'm going to be classier than that, but i don't know. >> we'll see. >> okay. >> i'll give you the knives. go ahead, have your moment. >> okay. >> i can't wait to taste it. >> we need a plate? >> no, you can just get your fingers l in there. >> i can't get it. can't get it out of there. >> youight have to -- >> this wasn't as we planned, but it will taste amazing. >> start with that? >> are you going to put that in my -- >> yes, i am >> okay. >> that was lovely.
10:57 am
delicious. >> i'll give you a smaller bite than that. >> okay. you guys, congratulations. we're going back to you guys in the studi so they can finally enjoy their reception a littl bit more. >> so happy for them. >> i want to see them dancing. >> wish them such a happy life together. >> bye, guys. >> tomorrow, toby keith and natasha bedingfield will be with us. >> have an awesome thursday, everybody.
10:58 am
10:59 am

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